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Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Broker
Selling Northwest Houston to good people like you!
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Get to Know Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Broker

Welcome to Durango Colorado, Bayfield, Hesperus, Mancos, Cortez, Dolores and Ignacio and the surrounding Southwest Colorado area!

If you are bored with waiting and reading start looking for homes in the Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Ignacio area right here.  If you need Commercial property over in Montezuma county specifically Mancos, Cortez and Dolores we do that as well.

If you are not bored with reading and want to know more about us and DURANGO, BAYFIELD, MANCOS, CORTEZ, DOLORES AND IGNACIO area then keep on reading.  This is a work in progress and will be changed and added regularly for your edification and sometimes amusement.

My goodness!  When I think about all the nice folks that we have helped find new homes out in DURANGO, MANCOS, BAYFIELD AND IGNACIO it's simply amazing.

Most of them are still our friends after all these years.  You and we both know the only thing that's important is...

Can we get the job done for you? 

The answer to that is absolutely...


We've been in this business for more than 30 years in our combined experience.

We will help you in your search for a home or land in the DURANGO area.  Anywhere from the Durango city limits through the surrounding areas of Bayfield, Mancos and Ignacio and even further out if you wish.

We've seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the really stupid events that can happen in this quest for a home.  All this helps us guide you around the traps and snares that can really trip you up on your way to owning the property you reall want.  When you are going to select a Durango area real estate broker to work with you want one that's got some experience under their belt.   

Well.... OK now that we have all that behind us let's move on to important issues like what should you do first?

Let us set you up with a mortgage lender to help you get preapproved for a mortgage so that you can be assured of getting the home of your dreams when we find it.  Nasty surprises with your credit and/or your loan are not funny for you. Getting yourself completly pre-APPROVED is critical.  And, YES that is different from pre-QUALIFIED.  BIG Difference.  Once you are Pre-Approved all we need to do is find the right home.  Get it inspected and get it to pass appraisal muster and get the lender to wrap you and the home together and pass it on to the Underwriters who will bless the transaction for you and Off you go to the closing table and Owning your new home! Pretty Exciting.... Right? Once that's done now's the time to decide what area you want to live in.  Do you need to be close to your work or do you just want to be close to conveniences such as shopping, entertainment and dining. Or do you just want to be close to family and friends or.... maybe you want to be surrounded by the splendid beauty of nature! NOW!  It's time to go out and find that perfect home.

Then we need to help you find a Home Inspector to make sure the home is all you think it is or if you want to ask for some repairs or additional allowances.

You've gotta love negotiation!

Then when has all gone well you and we go to your closing and plow through the paperwork so that you can move in and start enjoying your new abode for many happy years!



Here's a list of our credentials that directly benefit YOU:

We are both BROKERS in Colorado and Texas! 

ABR-Accredited Buyer Representative

CRS - Certified Residential Specialist

e-PRO - Internet Certified Professional  

GRI - Graduate Realtor Institute 

MRE - Master of Real Estate 

TRC - Transnational Relocation Certified




We always work with both buyers and sellers and have specialized training to work with either.  We are both Certified Residential Specialists (CRS).  And, Ralph has the ABR designation The Accredited Buyer Representative.

When you want to buy you need someone to represent you exclusively in the transaction to make sure that you get the best deal you can.  

Now if you have a property to sell don't misunderstand and think that we don't love you too!  So... no worries! You're covered too!

Add to that we are both trained in Home Staging so we will advise you on how best to present your home to prospective buyers.  After all..... you don't get a 2nd chance to make a good 1st impression.

We  work with you on a written agreement basis (either listing your home for sale or with an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement.)  If you are a buyer we can start with one day, one week, one month or you can agree to work with us until we get the job done!  Generally if you are a buyer,  the seller will pay our fee through a commission split with the listing agent.  However, if for some reason the seller is not paying our fee we will arrange a fee payment agreement with you. (Yes..... we do have to get compensated!)  You'll find our services invaluable! 

As you can see below our past customers and clients agree with that!


CRS - Certified Residential Specialist

e-PRO  Internet certified Specialist

MRE - Master of Real Estate


Residential real estate sales and marketing.


Licensed in Texas 30 experience helping folks like you find fine homes.