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3 Tips for Selling Your Home



You've made the decision to sell your home and now the work begins. Wondering what you can do to help your house show well and bring in top dollar? The three home-selling tips below can help you focus on the things that make a difference.

Tip #1: Home-Selling from the Outside-In

House hunters typically judge a book by its cover . . . or, in this case, a home by its exterior. That's why it's important to make the outside of your home as appealing as possible. This is generally called creating curb appeal.

Start by removing anything that isn't attached. This includes old tires, broken bikes and unsightly garbage cans.

Next it's time to manicure your yard. Mow, edge and fertilize the lawn. Trim hedges, pull weeds and plant flowers if space permits. Use flower pots for additional color if desired. (Note: If this much yard work seems overwhelming, there are many inexpensive landscape services available to whip your yard into shape in a single day.)

Sweep sidewalks and power wash the driveway. Paint the fence if you have one and it needs it. Same goes for the front porch.

Add a Welcome mat to the front door. It's not only inviting, it helps remove dirt from shoes before it can enter your home.

Clean anything and everything in plain view. This includes window exteriors and rain gutters.

Tip Test: When you're finished with the outside of your home, take pictures from across the street and have them developed or printed. Imagine that these pictures will highlight the cover story in the New York Times real estate section of the Sunday paper. Do they "sell" the story to the best of your home's ability? If yes, you have successfully created curb appeal and are ready to move inside.

Tip #2: Invite Prospective Buyers Inside

Accomplishing Tip #1 should give your home good curb appeal - this is the primary factor that will invite potential buyers to come in. Once inside, meet expectations head-on by delivering a warm and inviting interior. This is home-selling Tip #2.

Removing clutter should be your number one priority. Eliminate paper piles and excess items on countertops. Box up knick-knacks and off-season clothing. Clean out drawers, cabinets and closets, but don't stash things in the garage because you need to de-clutter that as well. The key is to make your home look as spacious as possible.

After eliminating clutter, your next priority should be cleaning. Wash windows and mini-blinds. Adding a fresh coat of paint to walls is a good idea, but at the very least, wipe down the walls with a damp cloth. Scrub the bathrooms and kitchen top to bottom. Dust every surface imaginable. And have the carpets professionally cleaned if needed. If you're strapped for time, spending $200 to have a service deep clean is a worthy investment.

Although odor control could be lumped in with cleaning, it is important enough to warrant its own mention. Let's face it, things like pets, cooking, smoking and baby diapers are smelly subjects. It is vital that you eliminate or neutralize these odors as much as possible. Here are some suggestions: make friends with Febreze(R); empty kitty litter and kitchen garbage daily; open windows when weather permits; burn candles when you're home; and bake cookies or bread just before an open house.

Tip Test: If you have a friend with a particularly beautiful or stylish home, ask her to give your house the once-over. Ask her for honest feedback regarding cleanliness, smelliness and overall appeal. If you like her style, you can even ask for suggestions on how to improve what you've already done!

Tip #3: Hire a Licensed Real Estate Agent

Although this final tip may seem obvious, many homeowners do take the for-sale-by-owner route only to be disappointed and frustrated with the end result. Hiring a licensed real estate agent is, perhaps, the most important tip of all.

Your REALTOR® will work hard to list, show and sell your home. He or she will assess your home's market value to make sure that it is priced appropriately. He or she will have a network of contacts (potential buyers as well as other real estate agents) to help market your home. And when an offer is made on your property, your REALTOR® will negotiate the best price possible and help you wade through the endless paperwork associated with selling your home.

Tip Test: If you hire a REALTOR®, he or she will help you navigate through Tips #1 and #2 and probably make additional home-selling suggestions. Heed the advice given and your home will soon be sporting a SOLD sign!


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