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Rather than advertising property on the open market, some homeowners need a quicker than average sale. This is what I specialise in. I have a cash fund that purchases property quickly, and can complete on a sale in as little as 7 days.


We’ve all seen the amount of ‘cash buying companies’ that have started advertising in national newspapers, radio, television and most commonly the internet – but what you may not realise is that the majority of these companies are scam artists, looking to trick you one way or another.

In fact, the OFT (office of fair trading) have recently launched an investigation into the industry to try and get rid of the scams that are currently going on. As a direct result of this investigation 3 companies are under full investigation.

If you have spoken to us, you will know we are sincere and genuine, and I genuinely have your best interests at heart. If you want a cash offer from us, it will be just that – an offer. We don’t see the point in giving you an unrealistic price in the first instance, only to drop our offer at the last minute.This being one of the biggest scams that are currently being practiced.

Below we highlight the scams that you need to watch out for.

No funds to buy.The most common scam practiced is that the company doesn’t have funds to buy. They are either investors, or estate agents. They may even ask you to pay money up front. Always ask any ‘cash buying company’ if they can provide you with proof of funds. If they try to fob you off with excuses like they need to see the property first, or they don’t have the funds just yet, it’s likely a sign that they aren’t a cash buyer.

It’s just an estate agent.
This ties in with the above point in that estate agents don’t have funds to buy property, however, a number of companies are advertising that they can ‘buy any house for cash’ but in actual fact don’t have any funds to buy. This in our opinion is completely false advertising and needs to be stopped.

They are illegal.
A number of shady companies and individuals practice shady selling tactics in order to drain as much equity and profit from your house sale as possible. They will try to convince you that it is ok to lie to mortgage companies or surveyors, and they will have no morals. Avoid.

100% market value.
Realistically, no one is ever going to pay 100 per cent market value for a property. Even on the open market, everyone likes to put in a lower offer. For cash sales, it’s really no different. Cash buying companies like ourselves are taking a risk in that we have to wait for your property to sell again. We are also a business, and we need to make a profit and pay our staff. Without making you a genuine and fair offer for your home based on a RICS valuation, we wouldn’t be able to operate.


Just remember if it sounds too good to be true, the likelihood is … it is! If you need a genuine quick sale, and would like the cash in 7 – 10 days, we can help you.

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