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Get to Know Aleta Gerard

The founder of the Company, Aleta A Gerard is a Real Estate Broker in Florida and has been in the real estate industry for 11 years.  She created A Blonde Moment Marketing and has been active in Internet marketing for Agents and properties for many years.  Over the last two years she has developed which markets properties for sale, rent, vacation rental, and timeshare.  It is her belief that advertising should be affordable and that properties should be promoted as "that is what the seller of a property entrusts and expects us to do for them".  Any legal and affordable means to expose the property should be utilized to complete that end.


Marketing and Advertising is all about getting noticed.  The name A Blonde Moment Marketing has generated many reactions since it's creation in 2002.  Direct mail postcards get noticed, even if it is just en route to the waste basket.  If it gets attention, then the marketing is working.  We pull out all the stops to do what it takes to get our properties noticed.

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A Blonde Moment Marketing will continue to utilize new ideas and innovations to reach our goal.

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