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Circumlocation builds custom real estate websites, and also provides agents with nationwide web marketing for country and small town homes on and

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Circumlocation, Inc. provides high quality, truly custom real estate websites for real estate offices, brokers and agents, as well as homes builders, mortgage companies and loan officers. Each site is custom designed for you, to reach your niche market and bring in leads from all over the world.

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Circumlocation is especially dedicated to providing great internet promotion for small town and rural agents, brokers, and homes. Circumlocation, Inc. has developed two nationwide websites, and to provide great web exposure for brokers and agents in America's small cities, towns, and villages to promote themselves, their offices, their communities, and especially, their listings.

Circumlocation is currently offering real estate agents and brokers the opportunity to market themselves and the homes and land they list to a worldwide audience via these two country and small town websites. If you sell country real estate, or small town properties, you owe it to yourself and your clients to include your listings and personal and office real estate information here. What can you lose when it's free?

Builders and mortgage companies and loan officers can also promote their real estate-related services on both these sites, completely free of charge.