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I moved to the Pinehurst area 8 years ago. I went through my younger years in Southern California, going to High School in Huntington Beach and college at UC Irvine.  I also did some graduate work at Cal State Fullerton.

My family left Calif. in the 1990's for New Jersey.  I enjoyed New Jersey very much, but after the loss of my husband, I decided to move here to be closer to my parents.  I had chosen to be a stay at home mom until my son was in middle school at which time I decided to go back to work.  My first job back in the work force was for a local real estate developer as a bookkeeper for his 3 companies.  He had the real estate development (lots), a construction company, and a 24 stall equestrian center.

I found myself after a short period of time managing (administratively) the equestrian center, becoming the real estate web master and online marketer, and reorganizing the construction companies books and implementing a new computer system. I found while doing all this, that what I enjoyed most was when customers would come in interested in the development. I liked explaining what we had to offer and why I liked the community so much.

After a couple of years, I decided to get my real estate license and my brokers license. Even though I had a great relationship with the developer, he wanted his daughter to remain the sole sales agent for the company. So, after 3 years with the development, I ventured out on my own and started my own real estate company.  That was almost 5 years ago.  

Starting out at the peak of the market, and knowing from what was happening around the country, I realized that this was going to be hard work.  I have had to work hard to remain a real estate broker, but it has been well worth it.  I still have to work hard, and any real estate agent that doesn't, isn't in the business for the long haul.

The main reason real estate has been the right direction for me is the people.  I have made many good friends that at first were clients. Working closely with people to find them their new dream home, or helping someone sell their home results in getting to know each other pretty well. In addition to making good friends that were once clients, I have also made some good friends with other agents.

Prior to becoming a broker, I had purchased 6 homes for me and my family over the years. Unfortunately, I had not always had good representation, and therefore, didn't realize how many good brokers and agents are out there. After working in this industry for the past 5 years or so, I have learned that there are many good agents.  So when choosing an agent to represent you, don't always go with the biggest company, or the biggest advertiser in the paper.  Ask around to your friends.  I'm sure one or more will have a good recommendation for you.


Working with buyers and sellers in the residential real estate market is my broad area of expertise. One on one service is what I provide for my clients. 

For buyers, I first try to find out what the clients absolute needs are in a new home, and what the wants are that can be negotiated. Many buyers find a home on the internet before they come to me, and some of the time this becomes the home of their choice. Though, many of our home buyers are relocation, and they aren't aware of the communities, so they rely on me to assist them in finding the community that best suits them.  After finding the perfect home, I then work very hard to make sure that they get the best price for the property, and that all of the inspections, and contingency dates are met for a smooth closing.

For sellers, I help them choose the best price for their home first and foremost. We then work together to get the house ready for showing. We go room to room deciding how to best arrange the room to show the room in its best light.  Also, reminding the seller that the outside needs to be well maintained as the first appearance is very important. Then I market the home using a variety of mostly web based tools. 94% if buyers start their search on the internet, so getting internet exposure is paramount. Additionally, marketing to other local agents to get the home exposure is very important since about 1/3 of all buyers come from another agent initially. After getting a contract on the home, I work with the seller, and buyer's agent to be sure that the home makes it to closing, and that the seller gets the best price for her home in the current market.



Real Estate Broker for Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Seven Lakes and all of Moore County, NC specializing in residential and relocations to the area.