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LEE ELLIS & HomeInNOVA.com Guide Clients to Buy, Sell & Invest in Northern Virginia & Washington, DC Area Homes - Offering Marketing, Staging, Technology, & Green Consulting for Homeowners and Agents.

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My Northern Virginia home base, just outside Washington, DC, affords me a wealth of resources to meet clients, and their needs.  I'm a versatile, energetic real estate consultant with a penchant for environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and high-tech homes, plus showcasing space to enjoy it to the fullest.

Home buying and selling can encompass a great deal of work, and streamlining the process is one of my goals, both for clients and colleagues.  I work diligently to ensure a smooth sale and a smart move.  I love referrals and crafting win-win outcomes! Even if a home doesn't start as especially "green," a homeowner may transform a property into a reasonably resource-efficient, healthy, sustainable home.  It's a matter of choices, budget and time. Staging can involve a great deal of recycling, as I tend to re-use materials found in a home first, then purchase new items or bring in my own inventory to spruce up a property.  Technology options have made home marketing more complicated for some, and my extensive background in computer applications, usability, information architecture, customer experience, online marketing and Web design helps in simplifying and streamlining projects.My work encompasses: Green and Eco-friendly Properties          Technology and Marketing Consulting High-tech Homes                                         Staging a Home for Sale, Staging a Home to Live In Homes for Growing Families                    Web, Print and Communications Design For tips on making a home more eco-friendly and maximizing the marketability of a property, please feel free to contact me! 

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With a vibrant economy and so many people moving in and out each year, the Washington, DC area -- including southern Maryland and Northern Virginia -- offers a broad variety of homes, and they tend to keep their value fairly well, with positive appreciation rates on a five to seven-year average. 

Northern Virginia, or NoVA as we often call it, is a diverse and robust area with great amenities.  The area features terrific schools (including the nation's top-ranked high school) and nifty transportation options, and the job market is strong.  The mid-Atlantic boasts mild weather with notably beautiful scenes each season.    

What's different about my approach?I offer a full range of services for listing a home for sale and for buyer's representation, and even leases, too.   The details of marketing materials, brochures, signs, fliers, advertising, property make-ready, Staging, inspections, comparative market analysis, mortgage lender coordination, property mapping, open house events, showing service, document handling, settlement preparation, etc. are all included.   And there's ample ongoing consultation after the initial agreements are signed.  A guiding principle within my brokerage is to seek a win-win scenario for the parties; and we have the skills, talents and old-fashioned customer service attitude to accomplish that. 

For more information about the area, or how I may help you sell, buy, invest in and lease property in Northern Virginia and beyond, please don't hesitate to contact me!