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NMLS: 156613 | MLO-1192
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After a a tumultious travel to the United States and an extended stay in various other states I have come to find and make Columbia,Missouri my home. I have been here for nearly thirteen years and have made Columbia as much a part of me as influentially possible for it has definately embarked all of my major adult milestones. I graduated highschool here, attended college, met and married my wife and had my first child here, all the while launching and broadening my perspectives and strategy within my business. I have come to love and enjoy the people and places and admire the many changes that the town has undergone in the years. I look forward to continuing my home and and further prospering my business and family all the while participating and partaking in aiding the community to being a more financially, economically stable as well as prosperous and more diverse and versatile place for all who not only reside here but to all those that would aspire to visit here. I am interconnected and supported by astrong company with  10 years of lending experience which helps me and my business to initially overcome the tough market and offer more of a dynamic help to our clients to intake the best results on their financing.



I specialize in a multitude of different loans varying from purchases and refinances. These are the two major transactions that take place between the client and I and there are many different options for each. Government loans, conventional loans, home equities and debt consolidations are a few of the other loan types that I have participated and have experience in. I believe that not having perfect credit or any credit should not stop an individual or group such as a business or family from to achieving and actually acquiring the American Dream and this is where I dedicate my efforts and energies into helping to improve one's credit to the lenders and attaining the guidlines and standards that would make this possible. We do accept non-traditional credits in terms of not having any credit.

We also specialize in being known and recognized as Mortgage Bankers which ultimately allows us to be and provide the best of both worlds, being able to fulfill the roles of lender and broker. We are capable of offering competetive interest rates and low closing costs. We are able to access our own warehouse lines to fund the loans and have in house underwriting and processing for fast and accurate loan processes.


NMLS: 156613 MO License: 1192-MLO