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Exuberant father, eXp Realty agent and big fan of life in Colorado.

I’ve prepared some quick details to help you decide whether to read further. After all, the point of the bio page is to help you, the consumer, interview me without all the mess of actually meeting me in person, right? I’ll do my best to impress you right away so we can begin the process of finding your new home!  I am originally from Santa Barbara, California…judge me harshly, if you must, but not all Californians live up to the negative stereotype.  My professional background is in marketing project management, and I have been focused on residential real estate for the past 4+ years. Not exactly a grizzled veteran, I admit, but I know what I’m doing. Plus, I have a great team behind me here at eXp Realty. In a larger sense, working with me is really working with all of us.   I love dogs. One of the many reasons I chose to live in Colorado was its evident community affinity for dogs and dog-people. Around here, you can take your dogs just about anywhere…not just parks. Quite a few local shops and restaurants are also happy to have them. They don’t necessarily let them sit right at the table (usually under)…but still. I have a daughter who is amazing and beautiful in every way…like all daughters. I’m not saying she’s better or cuter than yours, but she is. See? I love real, down to Earth people. Though I tend to think of myself as a pretty simple guy, but I can always find happiness in the thought that I am a real person, always trying to better myself. I think that’s really what sets Colorado apart from so much of the world- The people. Everywhere you go in the Colorado area there are kind, interesting and genuine people who you can actually stop and have conversations with. It’s the coolest thing… They’re all just so nice! I love working in real estate. When I first moved to Portland, my wife and I tried to do it all by ourselves. We searched for homes and neighborhood information on the internet…we bounced from site to site, trying to figure out where to look. It was a lot of work. That’s why, when I got into the business I decided to make it my goal to simplify the buying process as much as possible, especially for prospective buyers relocating from other areas. Now, with the help of eXp Realty’s fantastic web presence, I have the ability to really make a difference for people. I pride myself on being able to turn an otherwise stressful, time-consuming ordeal into a fun, exciting and streamlined process that my clients can actually enjoy, rather than fear. Oh…one more thing. I love to play dodgeball. I bet you don’t know any other real estate agents who will tell you that! So there you have it…a little about me. If you like what you’ve read, I invite you to call me any time. So much of this business is about personal relationships, so it is crucial to find a Realtor you can connect with. If you think we’d work well together, call me at 303.883.5411, or e-mail me at