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Robb Cain
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Get to Know Robb Cain

I run Mortgage Broker branch for Liberty One Lending, Inc..  We are able to provide financing for clients in all areas of real estate financing.  Generally we focus on residential lending, but we are able to provide our services for commercial lending also.  The programs that we have available to us are conventional (DU & LP), FHA & VA, alt A/subprime, commercial and private money (hard money) loans.

We are also able to lend in up to 37 states nationwide, including all the western United States, some states in the midwest, southeast, and northeast. 

Our communication with our clients (Realtors & borrowers), is very top notch.  Timely and efficient contacting and also keeping the Realtor on the same page throughout the transaction is our high priority.  The most common compliant from Realtors that I hear is that they do not know what is going on with their transactions on the financial end.  We have established a concrete line of communication to eliminate that complaint.


I have worked in the mortgage industry for over 12 years, ranging from starting out on the wholesale lending side to the retail lending side.  I have extensive knowledge of A paper, alt A, subprime lending, along with commercial and private money lending.  My main focus is on the residential lending sector, although I will turn away other sectors like commercial lending.

My areas of responsibility have ranged from being an inside sales representative at a nationwide bank to being an executive at a wholesale brokerage.  Currently I am in charge of building up and sustaining a retail branch for Liberty One Lending, Inc..