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Colorado Springs , CO 80918

Rob Reinmuth is a Real Estate Broker in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also the owner of Acquire Homes Inc. with 23 agents. He believes your home to be the greatest investment of your life.

Get to know Rob Reinmuth

Colorado Springs Realtor, Rob Reinmuth, is the owner of Acquire Homes, Inc. He is a Colorado Real Estate broker who comes from 10 years in the banking industry.

Established in 1989 in Colorado Springs as a real estate investor himself, Rob has negotiated 100’s of property transactions with success. Rob believes his Clients homes to be the most important investments of their lives.

He was inducted into the Elite 25 of Colorado Springs in 2017 which consists of some of the highest volume selling agents in Colorado Springs.

Rob has a Son who serves in the United States Marine Corp and a Daughter in College. He grew up in Colorado Springs and knows it well.

Let Rob Reinmuth have the privilege to serve you. It is a good thing to have broker services from someone who lives and breathes real estate as a lifestyle.

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Rob Reinmuth specializes in residential real estate of all types.  From first time home buyers to high-end luxury homes.  This is a diverse market within Colorado Springs. We have anywhere from Military service people making a moderate income who would like to purchase a home, to highly paid executives in the computer industry.

As a professional real estate investor and financial counselor, Rob can serve your needs within residential real estate.  If you are an investor or have the desire to invest in this market, Rob can help you grow your real estate portfolio to maximum potential.


Rob was inducted into the Elite 25 of Colorado Springs in 2017 which is a select group of area Realtors who represent the top 1% of their industry.