Richard Wilson, Town or Country, in Colorado, we do it all.    (Cherry Creek Properties, LLC)

Falcon, Peyton, Calhan, Yoder, Parker, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, Kiowa, Colorado Springs

Horse Property, Land, Rural, and Residential

Colorado Springs , CO 80918

I have ranched all my life. I specialize in rural, land, & investment properties. I work all along the Front Range of Colorado, in town and country. We truly care about your needs & goals.

Get to know Richard Wilson

                                               I grew up on a Cattle and Wheat farm south of Calhan Colorado

I have been farming and ranching all my life, replacing the wheat operation with dryland hay

Past president of the El Paso County Farm Bureau, and currently on the Board of directors.

Currently a member of the board of Colorado Farm Bureau representing District 6 comprised of Douglas, Elbert, and El Paso Counties. I firmly believe that Farm Bureau is the best representation for the agricultural producer.  Whether you are in Ag or just like to eat, please consider joining and supporting your local Farm Bureau.

Along the way I have owned a carpet business, traded commodity futures, fed cattle, owned a large retail business, invested in several houses, land, and some commercial property.

I believe very strongly in real estate as one of the best investment opportunities available, and I have the understanding and background to assist others in their search for a home, horse property, development potential locations, and farm and ranch properties. Likewise I can also represent a seller to maximize the return on their property.

  I am also a Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist (SFR) and a Certified Home Rescue Expert (CHRE).  I have the experience and resources to assist you with the difficult decisions that are associated with these types of sales.

My varied business experience has allowed me to gain an insight into the financial and practical applications needed for my clients.  I like thinking outside the box and finding solutions, especially for the ag and self-employed client.


I have lived in Eastern Colorado almost all my life.  The ranch that we own has been in the family since 1948.  We still own a little over 6000 acres.  I guess you could call me an expert when it comes to land in eastern Colorado, but it still seems I learn something new every day.  Like everything else in life, land issues and practices continue to change, creating new opportunities and new challenges for us all. 

When I was young an average cow weighed about 800 lbs, a big tractor had 60 horsepower, and we never heard of OSHA, EPA, or agricultural zoning.  Now cows average closer to 1100 lbs for a commercial cow, and some of the purebred breeds approach 1500 lbs.  Tractors are 400+ HP and can cost $300,000.  Big government looks like it is here to stay, and we need to clear just about everything we do with some governmental agency. 

Rather than branding myself an expert, I prefer to be a resource for my client.  I would rather show you where to get good information, help you put it together, and let you make a good decision that you are 100% confident in.  I can give an opinion, but many times it is much more practical to actually talk to a local expert.  Whether it be water, septic, grazing practices, trees, livestock, hay, water, or utility concerns, talking to the right people can make a world of difference in the decisions that are made.  My clients are investing a lot of money and sweat in their rural properties, I owe them good solid information, not hot air and a sales job.


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