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Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale in order to appeal to the greatest amount of potential buyers. Today's market demands that your home stand above the competition, if not

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Home Staging: It Makes Sense and Money

If you are serious about getting the biggest return on investment, ensure that the property's best assets are put forward. Staged homes stand out among the competition. In a slow market, the buyers are kings (and queens) and you need every competitive advantage you can get. Staging is that advantage. If the house looks and feels attractive, the potential buyers will notice the difference and will want YOUR house.




Beffore cluttered but lived in                                                                                After Simple and Spacious


Before-  The room looks small and nameless                                                After-  the room has function and buyers can tell from the 

                                                                                                                        photo if there furniture will fit


Before- empty and small                                                                                       After- Furniture tells the buyer the size of the room


Before- This house is invisible from the street                                              After- The Red door and shutters will pull the buyer in at the curb


Before- The space looks small and without a purpose, lighting     After- Lighting update gives the room a modern feel, the

makes room look outdated                                                               furniture makes the room look larger.



Before- The room looks small and outdated                                               After- Curtains were removed to make room for sitting area, bedding

                                                                                                                      was added to accent furniture and art.



Before- Wallpaper and frilly curtain were dating the bathroom           After- Cabinet knobs were changed and wall paper was removed. Gold

                                                                                                                   accents were added to compliment the gold in the art print


Good Listing Photos Are a Necessity

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Most shoppers will preselect the properties they are interested in through Internet so you need to have the best pictures possible to get the most potential buyers in the door.





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