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I am originally from the East Coast, and was graduated from Northeastern University in Boston. A self-proclaimed "wanderer", I have spent much time traveling the globe, backpacking through Europe, North Africa, South Africa, the Caribbean, and Greece. I spent 3 months working on a Kibbutz in Israel, picking grapefruit and cotton, driving a tractor and  washing and ironing shirts for the Israeli army. This had a profound effect on my life and hence, my 'wanderlust' was born. In early 90's I found employment in the Travel Industry in Corporate Sales.  I had already obtained my Real Estate license and when the Travel Industry took a downturn, I then started my Real Estate career. My specialty was urban condos in Boston and Back Bay. I then left Boston for a stint in central N.H. where I lived in a log cabin on 10 acres of land. I worked in Advertising and Sales and assisted in creating  commercials and 'voice-overs' at a local radio station (WMXR-Golden Oldies) in Woodstock VT. Longing to leave New England for greener pastures, I then moved to Albuquerque N.M. where I worked as Client Services Manager for American Express Travel.  I was slowly working my way out to the west coast and California had always been in my mind, so moving to San Diego was a natural next step.

It has been a journey and a true career path which has fully equipped me to be a professional in my field. My experience in Sales, Advertising, Client Services and Travel has made me a better person and a better business woman, a true "problem-solver" with eyes open to people's cultural differences.

In my spare time I still love to travel, preferring "off the beaten path international" travel in local inns to "canned package tours". I  spent a few weeks on an independent trip to China. I enjoy food markets and wandering the back alleys, because it is here that you feel the real "pulse" of a culture and find the best meals and local crafts. I love horses and Western Horseback riding and get to ride at least once a week. Another passion of mine is photography and I have posted some photos of my wanderings on this blog.

Life has taught me that : "Balance" is worth striving for. Make time for work, friends/family, health and personal life. You make your own good luck. Dare to be different and the heck with the "status quo". Stay away from toxic people. Happiness is not a goal  but a "by-product" of being true to yourself, creating a "purposeful and authentic" life and doing what you love.





How much is your peace of mind worth?

It's priceless.



Hogue and Belong Property Management is a new concept in managing your most precious asset, your home. It was created in a real estate market where the traditional way of managing property just didn't work for every homeowner.


Hogue and Belong Property Management has a specialty niche of SFR's and Townhomes. Condos will be accepted on a case by case basis. We do not manage large apt. complexes or commercial buildings. We are a “hands-on” quality management team that treats your home as if it were our own. We also do not have a “team” of contractors on staff that need work, so you don't get charged for needless repairs.And there is no fee when you have a vacancy. We get paid only when the rent is collected.



We offer 3 levels of service:


We do it all! Photos, ads, tenants, showings and drawing up the C.A.R. Lease, and meeting tenant on move-in day with the keys and C.A.R.“Move-In Checklist”. We will handle all repairs, requests and issues that arise from being a Landlord, plus dealing with the HOA. We are well positioned with our owners being CA Attorneys. Monthly management reports will be sent to you, invoices for vendors paid and funds electronically deposited into your account.


You may find that the Silver plan works for you, since you either are local or have a family member or friend who can look in at your property. This plan is just like the Silver except a bit more “hands-on”. Tight monthly income may not leave you room for monthly management expense, but you may need assistance from time to time. During the course of the year you can get assistance on an hourly basis-- from one of our professional agents, to meet a handyman, draw up a document or check on the landscaping. Many clients feel that this gives them a lttle more “peace of mind”, yet you don't have to pay us a dime until you decide to use this service!



You may have extra time on your hands and really want to get involved with the day to day management of your home. So we can just find tenants for you for a percentage of the FIRST month's rent-that's it! We do all the ads, photos, showings, and drawing up the C.A.R lease. E-mail support regarding tenant issues during the year is available AT NO CHARGE to you. This is our most popular and cost-effective plan.

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Other Areas of Expertise:

First Time Investors

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Income property and Land Development

 Horse properties



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