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Serving all of Northern New Mexico from Santa Fe north through Espanola and all the outlying villages on both sides of the Rio Grande . . . Dixon, Penasco, Truchas, Chimayo on the east; Abiquiu, Ojo C

Get to know Sandra Wright Page

Most buyers of property in Northern New Mexico are choosing to relocate and find their second home, retirement location or a place where they can enjoy life and work from home . . . it's a lifestyle choice, not a demand due to a job. That's not true of every buyer, of course, but it is true for most people looking at property in Northern New Mexico.

That said, it is vitally important to work with a broker who has intimate and broad knowledge of the various areas where properties are located. Each town and village has it's own character and issues, there is the question of dry land or irrigated land and how important the laws pertaining to water rights are in the desert landscape. There is the choice of village life or a more remote mountain setting. 

We all know there are pros and cons to everything, and that is no more true in any aspect of life than it is with real estate. You want views, you want privacy, you want a romantic old adobe, you want to grow food, have  a horse, find a real community to be a part of . . . these are all questions that must be addressed when you are moving into a new locale where you haven't learned your way around through years of experience. You must find someone who has the experience.

I've lived in Northern New Mexico, starting out in a cabin on the Rio Grande in Pilar, south of Taos, in 1982. I've owned property in Dixon, across the Rio Grande from Velarde and now live in the town of Espanola. I've sold real estate here since the summer of 1995. After 14 years with Coldwell Banker/Santa Fe and a couple of years with Prudential, I am now a Keller Williams agent and very happy about the new, forward thinking, cooperative way of doing business.

One designatin I've earned is the Accredited Buyer Representative. Working with buyers is one of my favorite aspects of selling real estate, though I've always been a broker who has a lot of listings as well. Starting in January, I will be the president of our local Board of Realtors and I'm looking forward to the challenges and experiences that serving my fellow Realtors will bring.

Call or email me today. Let's get your adventure of finding property in Northern New Mexico off to the right start.


We often joke about UPS agents who think New Mexico is out of the United States and there are stories galore about trying to make reservatios to travel here and get the question of do you need a passport to enter the state, but truly, in many ways, New Mexico is as different from other parts of the country as a foreign country would be.

You'll hear Spanish about as often as you will hear English in stores and restaurants, there are cultural influences in architecture, art and lifestyles. Not only the Spanish influence which is very strong and dominant, but the Native American influences as well. Add to that mix, the later arriving Anglo culture and you have a trio of influences that create a rich mix often expressed in art, music and entertainment.

There are Fiestas in every town throughout the summer, there are tribal dances at the various Pueblos where the publilc is invited. I was amazed when I first visited the area and, sitting in a hotel lobby where music was being played and seeing such a wide variety of people and no one thought a thing about it. I was from a part of the country where conformity was considered very important and you didn't see much in the way of differences between people. Here you see Pueblo Indians in traditional garb, mountain men, hippies, traditional hispanics, tourists in bermuda shorts, lawyers in business suits . . . and everything in between, all enjoying a meal or listening to music. It's the tolerance for differences that brought me here and that same tolerance makes for a thoroughly enjoyable feast with many flavors.

Come, experience the beauty of the landscape and the richness of the people. Find your place in the Land of Enchantment and you'll have a greater understanding of living with diversity.

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