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Real Estate to me is not a job but rather a way of life. I can't imagine ever doing anything else. I have made so many wonderfull fiends and contacts and feel good about what I do. It is not all about money but the that knowledge we can affect someones life in so many ways is awesome. To councel a couple that has had a bankrupsy due to prolonged illness or other consequences out of their control and  help them get into a home and put their lifes back on track, it doesn't get better then that. Price range or Income bracketts should have nothing to do with the level of service offered.

When I first started selling here in 1971 we were a much heavier Military town then we are now so I made it a point to learn everything I could about helping the Veteran purchaser . For many years VA loans were my field of expertice. Fortunately that knowledge is still valuable today as we have a lot of active and retired military that still need proper guidance. I was a Navy spouce when I moved here so I can more then appreciate situations.  I still strongly feel that patrotic connection.

I'm now seling 3ed generations of my first families and that is an incrediable feeling. I don't feel any older then when I started but am glad I am a whole lot wiser. When I feel like I know it all it will be time to hang up the old lock box key. I learn with every transaction and going to work everyday is exciting.


Because I started back in the dark ages when we didn't have lock boxes, MlS or computers, I've been fortunate enough to grow with the area. This has allowed me to comfortably work throuout the tri county area with  without regard to county or town bounderies..I'm never bored as I chose to work with all the different home prices and income levels.

One of the new  exciting areas in town is a Del Webb  community for the over 55 group.(They are accepting 10% between 50&55) It is incrediable and I've been selling the heck out of it. I'm actually planning to relocate there myself in the near future as is my daughter and her husband.. Open only a little over a year they have already made over 200 sales. The 20,000 sq. ft ammenity center opened the firt part of December and it is second to none.  I'm thrilled with the vitality and activity level of this group. Always something going on and I guarantee you it is the younges bunch of older folks you'll ever encounter. They make the 40 somethings I know look boring. Definatly not what I had always imagined a retirement community would be.

I am fortunate to have my daughter  Deborah as my licensed asistant. She has made the last 12 years of my work life so much easier and a lot more fun.. She always has my back and knows everything there is to know about any transaction. I sometimes wonder how I got through the first 27 years without her as my extention. We are blessed.

 Fortunately we can serve any price range, location or finance option and the choices in this area are great. It doesn't matter where you choose settle here the 3 counties and all the small town just seem like part of the  Greater Charleston area. We just call it the low country. It all kind of blends together.


California Girl migrated to Charleston 42 years ago. What a wonderful place to land. Started selling Real Estate the 2nd year and have never changed offices.