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Families are losing their homes at record rates. Experts predict it to get worse. We can help! Ask how to enhance your business with our services. Become part of the solution & help to save homes!

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NOTE:This page will be changed/rewritten soon.  For the reasons involved please click here, where I explain that I am switching companies so that I can provide a better service to well as for ethical reasons.Temporarily, I will leave my website links as they are on this page, because some of our consultants have been contacting me by finding me on the web because Active Rain has helped me achieve higher website rankings...and I am helping to get their questions answered as to what is happening at FFPS.  They have not been able to contact FFPS corporate offices...and are calling me with great concerns as to why they can't reach them.  I've been quite busy handling these phone calls and haven't had time to rewrite this page yet...hopefully, the link I provided above will help you the reader to understand what is happening, as I left the company along with a number of our other consultants for ethical reasons.  We have found a much better company that is providing a better service for this is actually working out much better for all concerned.  Please take a moment and click on the link in the first paragraph.  Feel free to call or email me with any comments or questions you may have.  Gregory LohrGregoryLohr@gmail.com803-580-5205_____________________________________________________It is our number one priority and commitment toutilize strategies that keep families in their home. Homeowners:   Are you behind on your mortgage payments?   Are you being threatened with eviction from your home?   Has the court served you with foreclosure papers?   Are you worried about having a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your credit report for the next 7-10 years?

Contact us today for your FREE, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. If you qualify we will help you STOP YOUR FORECLOSURE AND SAVE YOUR HOME! You must act now, time is critical.

Homeowners generally turn to those in the Real Estate Industry when looking for a solution. 

· They may turn to Mortgage Brokers first, hoping to re-finance in order to lower their monthly payments.  Problem:  Many do not qualify for refinancing options.  · They may turn to a Realtor seeking to sell their home because they don't feel they will be able to keep it.  Problem: Housing market is very slow, house may not sell in time and it may be lost.  Realtor is usually unable to help unless they work towards a Short Sale. · Investors may now be brought into the picture and the house may be dumped.  None of the above scenarios are a real solution to keeping the homeowner in the home.  Many people are losing their homes...but...they don't have to.

Contact us today...let's discuss ways to keep you in your home!  Visit our website: or call 803-461-4210.

Are you a Professional in the Real Estate Industry?

We are in the business of helping homeowners save their home from foreclosure.  It is our number one priority and commitment to utilize strategies that keep families in their home.  However, there will be many instances when we will not be able to help, and I am seeking to establish a network of professionals I can refer the homeowner to in case they need to exit the home.  If you would like be a part of this network, please call me!

As Professionals, many of you (especially Mortgage Brokers) run across homeowners who need our services...these people may be dead leads for you.  No more!!!  Call me to discuss how you can turn your dead leads into income, no use leaving money on the table...after all, we are in a recession.  Allow me to show you how you can help homeowners while increasing your income...truly a win-win situation.  (Please see our "Consultant Testimonies" lower on this page)

Please feel free to call me, even if just to say hi!  My door (phone) is always open, and I look forward to hearing from you!!!  Let's work together to help homeowners, whether it is to help them stay in their home, or if they must exit the home.  Many are losing their homes when they don't have to, but they don't know where to turn.  There are options and if we all work together we can change lives. 
Networking is the key.  Call me!

Gregory Lohr Freedom Foreclosure Prevention ServicesCertified Loss Mitigation ConsultantSavingYourHome@gmail.com803-580-5205Office Hours: EST Sunday - Thursday: 9am - 11pm Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: Closed

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