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Scott Cowan
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I am the Principal Managing Broker for RE/MAX Professionals in Olympia. RE/MAX Professionals has six locations in Washington State. Olympia, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Bellevue, Kennewick, and Othello.

I am an experienced REO listing agent having represented Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. My experence in foreclosed properties has provided me with a foundation of knowlege that is of great value for buyers and sellers. If I can sell a foreclosed home I can sell your home! My abilities to manage the complicated REO transaction make the negotiations process for buying the home of your dreams simple. Not to make light of traditional real estate transactions. However, when you have sold a home with a bear in it..... well, nothing much seems to phase me.

I look forward to meeting and working with both other professionals and consumers. If you are looking for an agent who will see the transaction to closing or if you're looking for an agent with a sense of humor I'm your guy.





K Camozzi, San Jose, CA
My wife and I are always looking for real estate investment opportunities. We live in San Jose, CA, so Scott is our eyes and ears in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Scott has a passion for what he does. His passion and energy combine to make him a valuable asset to anyone looking to buy a home or investment property in his region.” K Camozzi, San Jose, CA
J.Hunger Edmonds, WA
I have known Scott for a number of years beginning with our working together @ Starbucks Coffee Company. Our roles began in the same group and then diversified into different roles within IT but we have kept in close contact. Scott has always been enthusiastic in all of his endeavors and works very hard with a strong customer service ethic. His attention to detail and willingness to always learn something new and take his personal knowledge to the next step allows him to bring a high level of skill to any interaction. Knowing Scott as I do, I would not ever hesitate to recommend him as your next realtor." J.Hunger Edmonds, WA
Andrew & Stacy Davis Fife, WA
My wife and I had been looking at places online and trying to work out the mathematics on finding a place that "looked" right for us, while also being in a neighborhood we would be comfortable in and within our means if we had to drop to a single income. We were avoiding using an agent as much as possible, since we viewed them as salespersons. Cue a suggestion from a friend of ours who knew we were on the lookout for a home to purchase, he referred us to Scott Cowan whom had helped our friend buy a home. Our friend also explained how he hated the whole process, the searching, the offers, dealing with agents, all of it. This friend also said that Scott Cowan was empathetic to that and understood, and was able to take the brunt of all the issues and explain everything for our friend. Our friend told us that Scott would take care of us. We are glad we took up his suggestion, because he was absolutely right! Scott has been nothing short of awesome! He has always been available for phone calls, questions, even driving from Tacoma to Renton and Seattle at the drop of a hat. He was very sensitive to the fact that we were first-time home buyers, with my wife being pregnant, and did a very thorough and professional job in sharing with us the way the process works and things to keep in mind. Other than his very warm personality and great sense of humor, he always stressed two things. If we weren't happy with him or the job he was doing, we should fire him - and don't buy a house just to buy a house or get things over with, we need to buy a house that we were in love with and fit us financially, emotionally, and practically. We are very happy with the job that Scott did for us, I'm sure that if we had asked him to bend over backwards for us he would have tried his best. Any sales or purchases we make in the future, we will be in touch with Scott and we won't hesitate to suggest him to anyone we know. Andrew & Stacy Davis Fife, WA
T Phillips
“I've known Scott for many years, and have had countless opportunities to witness his qualities. As a Realtor, he's someone you can trust to recommend what best meets your needs, as well as what you want. He doesn't work from the standpoint of what makes money for him, but rather an honest care for what will make the happiest customer. I can honestly recommend him as an agent you can trust to give you accurate information and creative ideas.” T Phillips, Marysville, WA

By using the cutting edge tools available to me I am able to provide you with the upmost professional service imaginable. You need to sell or you need to buy? I'm your guy.