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     Hello, I am Scott Shapiro and while I do mortgages of all kinds, my speciality is working on FHA loans and working with first time home buyers.  The mortgage and real estate process can be quite confusing and intimidating for people of all kinds, let alone those who are taking part for the first time.  While many real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and potential borrowers are fearful of FHA loans due to events that occurred well in the past, these government insured loans are the future of the American housing market.  In today's economic climate. most Americans do not have 20% to put down on their first home, or do not have 780 FICO scores.  Most of them would either prefer to put less down and not have a much higher interest rate due to credit issues that may have occurred in the past.  FHA loans allow the flexibility of putting as little as 3.5% down and can be much more lenient on certain credit issues or scores.  It is these FHA loans that will allow the United States to recover from the current housing crisis and move forward into better and more prosperous times.

     The combination of years in mortgage sales/consulting, my bachelor's and masters' degree in American history, and my experience in education offer those who work with me a unique blend of character, expertise, and education that equate to a professional speaker and writer and someone that produces results. 

     Realtors or potential buyers please contact me if you have any questions about FHA, the $8000 tax credit being offered to first time buyers, or credit repair.  I am willing to work with all people in their goal of owning a home and am equally able and willing to spend time educating those who are less familiar with how and why FHA loans are not the hassle they used to be and instead are the future of the American housing market.  I look forward to speaking with you and building a business relationship that will help both you and I.




I am a well educated, efficient, and personable mortgage consultant working for Village Home Mortgage. My company specializes in FHA loans, yet still is extremely active in all other loans.