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Sean Carroll
Real Estate Speaker and "Expert" Coach
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Are you tired of chasing unqualified, unmotivated prospects?

Do your clients resist or ignore your advice, even when you know it's in their best interests?

Are you frustrated working 7 days per week, and STILL not closing as many transactions as you know you could?

Are you tired of constantly defending your commission or fee?

Would you like to spend more time serving clients that you LOVE working with?


Use that frustration to Get Off Your A$$ and create the kind of business you truly deserve!

Let's face it, most people have no idea what a Realtor or Lender actually does. Too many people think that all you do is show a few houses, or quote a few interest rates, and sit back and college a big fat check at closing.

Does this upset you? It SHOULD! 

Here's the thing though, the only way you will change this perception is by showing your clients, friends, family and associates that you are truly an EXPERT in your field.

Experts are trusted advisors. They get the call even when there is no sale on the line, because they are leaders in their field. Their clients often check with them before making ANY decisions regarding their home, or their loan, because they are always on top of the latest solutions, and are well connected in the community.

The result? EXPERTS get more referrals, better clients, and higher fees, because they deserve it.

EXPERTS don't chase down prospects because they don't need to. Qualified referrals contact them! And...they actually take the EXPERT'S advice!

It would be nice if you could just call yourself an EXPERT, but you can't. You are not an EXPERT until your clients start treating you like one. The only way I know to create EXPERT STATUS in your database is to EARN IT.

How do you earn it? By getting off your A$$ and getting to work, that's how.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Because I know what it takes to succeed in this business!

For 8 years, through the height of the "Great Recession" I built an award winning, 6 figure real estate sales practice from NOTHING in a market where I knew NOBODY.

I went from being financially, emotionally, and spiritually BANKRUPT, to putting my family in the financial position where we could realize our dream of moving to the Big Apple!

I started coaching people in 2009, just because I loved it. Then, I realized that my true calling was to empower others to Get Off Their A$$ just like I did, and GET TO WORK!

I will coach you on the skills, strategy, and most importantly, the type of THINKING you need to live by a Get Off Your A$$ Mindset. (More on that below)

Living this way will help you run an amazing business. You will close more transactions with better clients, who love your service and truly appreciate you for what you do. 

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The Get Off Your A$$ Mindset is a way of life.

Someone who lives by this mindset usually says things like:

"I am in control of my own destiny!"

"I can make it happen!"

"If it is to BE, it is up to ME!"

Living by this mindset means that you believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Your only limits are those you impose on yourself!

As a Real Estate or Mortgage professional, running your business with a Get Off Your A$$ approach means you find a way to get things DONE, and you don't care what the market is doing. You don't care what the economy is doing. Those circumstances do NOT define your results. They only cause you to adjust your stragegies and tactics.

A true EXPERT who lives by this mindset who wants something to change in their business quite simply Gets Off Their A$$ and gets it DONE!

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I help Realtors, lenders and insurance agents get more referrals, higher quality leads, and a better quality of life by training them to become EXPERTS instead of just salespeople.