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An innovative professional specialzing in resale and brand new homes and condominiums from Hamilton to Ajax.

Get to know Sandra Gilraine

Throughout time, there have been those who lead and those who follow. And then there are those who ignore the nay-sayers and instead blaze their own train. These are the visionaries, the innovators, the people who have chosen their own way and behind whom people just naturally fall in line. Their foresight, creativity and keen awareness give them the benefit of a wide perspective and make them ideal entrepreneurs. These characteristics give them a competative edge, and that is Sandra Gilraine to a T.

A Fresh Perspective
Sandra has never been afraid to get out of her comfort zone and see what wonders the world may hgave to offer. Everything she finds is added to her repertoire of knowledge and filed away for later use. As a teenager, she chose to move away from the security of all she had ever known to Dublin, Ireland. The bustling metropolis was a far cry from her relatively quiet, Canadian countryside childhood, but Sandra's natural curiosity and indomitable spirit wouldn't let anything stand between her and success. She has always been able to envision potential, and she knew hers was limitless.

Sandra went to work as an administrator for a teacher's association where her penchant for technology and ingenuity helped her create new organizational systems and manage her own staff. With her inborn leadership abilities and visionary perspective, she also started the first alternative music club in her neighborhood with the help of a friend. Sandra did all this while living up to the challenges of her high-profile job and dealing with the pressure of living and working in a foreign country.

An Innovative Professional
When she returned to Canada after several years on the Emerald Isle, Sandra found Ontario at the height of the dot-com boom, and she was right where she wanted to be. Always the first to own and adopt that latest technology, she was right at home as an internet marketing executive. It was her keen vision and wide perspective that gave her clients' campaigns that successful edge. With her talent for all things fresh and avant-guarde, Sandra also became known in the community for founding and running a number of events including a music-awareness festival and North America's largest roller derby league.

Vision At Work
Sandra has demonstrated time and time again how a visionary perspective can lead to the most unexpected success. Her real estate clients can count on that same innovative edge to bring them the best of both worlds - fincancial security and personal happiness.

Sandra puts every tool at your disposal; from specific marketing plans to weekly updates to home staging and reports on emerging trends. She is dedicated to the industry and its progress and, as such, volunteers at her real estate board for groups committed to the ongoing application of new technology to the benefit of both her colleagues and clients.

With her technical savvy, you are always in-the-know because she makes good use of all the latest software and research  programs available in the industry.

So if you're looking to buy or sell a home in Oakville, Mississauga or surrounding communities, you want a sales representative who isn't afraid to take advantage of progress and put it to work for you. Contact Sandra Gilraine to find out how an Innovative Professional can help you realize your dreams. Call her today.



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