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A broad range of hands-on experience in building trades. Excellent communication skills, graduate of Millsaps College in Jackson, MS.  Former educator in MS public and private schools.  I provide clear, balanced and objective reports that are easily understood, delivered electronically within 24 hours.  My experience as an educator sets me apart from the crowd.  I am a member of the Internation Code Council, certified as an electrical inspector, and I am a Mississippi licensed residential builder. I believe strongly in protecting my clients' interests, and in the quality of my work, even if it means sacrificing quantity.  Licensed in both Mississippi and Tennessee, I carry general liability and errors and omissions insurance. 


A wise man once said, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."  (author unknown)

When you choose a home inspector, you are betting your investment in your home that the inspector is qualified and thorough.  Sherlock Home Inspections is not the cheapest. Why? Because of what you don't get.  You don't get a hurried, printed-in-the-driveway report with standard, computer generated comments that don't address the uniqueness of the home you intend to buy.  You don't get a hand-written checklist report without pictures or explanations.  With home inspections, as with everything else, the old adage that you get what you pay for holds true.  With Sherlock Home Inspections, you do get a quality, thorough inspection that takes as much time as it takes to let your home tell its own unique story.  You do get a detailed, itemized report that includes pictures and explanations of the defects discovered.  You do get an honest, objective assessment of all the systems and structural components.  Before you choose a home inspector, visit http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/insp/inspfaq.cfm for 10 important questions to ask your home inspector!

Sherlock Home Inspections provides a variety of inspection choices, to include:

HUD/FHA Compliance Inspections:  If you are buying a new home with FHA financing, you must have an FHA Compliance Inspection.  Becoming HUD/FHA compliance inspector is not easy, and there aren't a lot of us around.  Ask your lender to contact Sherlock Home Inspections for this valuable peace-of-mind service!

New Home Inspections:  What?  Inspect a new home?  Absolutely.  Walk throughs with your realtor are great, and often reveal obvious flaws, but your realtor is not trained to spot defects which may cost you big bucks after your warranty period is gone.  Builders are busy guys, and can't be everywhere at once.  Sub-contractors may cut corners on quality or materials to maximize their own profits, and sometimes just plain honest mistakes are made.  Sherlock will scrutinize your plans and materials schedule and closely inspect your new home to make sure that you are getting what you paid for!

Pre-sheetrock Inspection:  The perfect time to inspect the 'bones' of a new home is after the basic plumbing, electrical, and other systems and building components are in place, and before any construction defects are covered up.  Basically, it's like an x-ray. Draw inspections performed by your lender are mostly concerned with percentage of completion--not quality of construction.  Pre-sheetrock inspections are a sensible investment for anyone having a home built, but especially if you are acting as your own contractor.

Buyers Inspections:  Protect your investment in your home with a quality, thorough inspection!  Don't find out the hard way that your beautiful deck is poorly constructed, or that fantastic remodel is just a cover-up for more expensive problems that you will have to deal with.  The cost of an inspection, especially a quality inspection, is small in comparison with the many thousands you are investing in your home.

Sellers Inspections:  Need an edge marketing your home?  Answer potential buyers' questions before they are asked by providing a Sherlock Home Inspections report as an adjunct to your disclosure statement.

Maintenance Inspections:  Already a homeowner?  Win the war against the elements, and catch those small problems before they become expensive repairs!

Rental Inspections:  Are you an investor? Does your company manage single family or multi-family properties?  Then you know that serious issues often go unreported.  If your budget has ever been stretched by expensive repairs that could have been avoided, call Sherlock Home Inspections today and let's discuss your options.

Limited Scope Inspections:  Buyers, do you feel confident about most aspects of the home you intend to buy, but have questions about some areas?  Call Sherlock Home Inspections and let's discuss special pricing!

Mobile Homes and Other Manufactured Housing:  New or existing, there are elements of manufactured housing that are unique.  Values can deteriorate rapidly, but that need not be the case.  Sherlock Home Inspections will inform you of existing problems, and advise you about ways you can protect your investment.

Draw or Phase Construction Inspections:  Are you acting as your own contractor in the construction of your home?  Are you a member of a financial institution in need of this service?  Call Sherlock Home Inspections today!

Light Commercial Inspection:  Have you found that perfect location for your new business?  Do you need a reliable diagnosis of your physical plant in order to accurately budget for maintenance or improvement costs?  Let Sherlock Home Inspections examine all systems and components.  An informed decision is a good decision!


Experience. Integrity. International Code Counsel certified, member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Serving Memphis Metro, Northwest Mississippi, Grenada & Clarksdale.