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Mim Heisey
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Get to Know Mim Heisey

Experience:   Mim's  long term experience and broad base of real estate knowledge helps to give her clients an advantage in the real estate arena. There are many roadblocks that may arise in a transaction; having an experienced agent who 'knows the ropes' and how to get past those obstacles can be a real advantage for you, whether you are buying or selling.

PERSONAL SERVICE:   The internet has made many resources available at the click of a key or scroll of the mouse, but there is still no substitute for having a real person, with a feel for the local market to provide a personal plan for sucess when you are selling your home or investment property. 

BUYERS AGENT:  If you are looking to buy, insist on having a good buyers agent in your corner.  This is both a huge financial decision and a transaction that will affect your lifestyle.  Choose someone you can trust to answer your questions, intervene on your behalf and help you take care of the mutltude of details that surround this most important decision.    


There are many great real estate agents out there, serving people well.  If you have bought or sold real estate in the past, we hope that you have had the good fortune to have worked with one or more of them.  

Mim (still)loves this business!  Each client is important to her and she can count many as friends, years after their first meeting as real estate agent/customer, and then agent/client.  Many refer to her as 'Aunt Mim', a seasoned advisor (Yes, she has earned each one of those gray hairs.:)) they respect and trust like a close family member.  Recently a former buyer client called and said, "'Aunt' Mim, I am ready to sell.  Can you help?" That is a valued relationship she treasures and continues to work hard to protect.

Let Mim be your next great Real Estate agent- for as long as you are in the Cumberland Valley!!  Whether you are looking to buy your first home or make a step up into that wonderful new larger home, give her a call. Learn what it means to have someone, with tried and true expertise, looking out for you like family.


To me, it's personal! I love helping my clients find that special property that fits their budget & lifestyle. This has been a passion of mine that keeps growing.