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After close to ten years as a mortgage lending executive, my partner and I decided to take our insider knowledge and apply it to short sales.  We started with our own investment acquisitions, and as word spread of our success, we began to be approached by other investors and agents asking for help with their short sales as well.  We then developed THE SSN METHOD.  This is the culmination of several years of perfecting the short sale process.  We do things different.  Heard that you can't do a short sale with no purchase contract?  BOGUS!  Can't do a short sale with no delinquency?  NOT TRUE!  Can't get paid your full commission?  INCORRECT!  Short sales take forever?  NOT EVEN CLOSE!  Can't control a banks BPO? I CAN! Yes, these horror stories are all true-If you do not know what you are doing.

The SSP method allows you to devote the time to doing what you do best - Listing and selling homes, setting up closings, or analysing properties.  We will take care of the short sale for you. We don't interfere with your listing agreement, we don't interfere with your title or attorney relations, we simply do the short sale for you, acting in concert with agent/investor, seller, and attorney.

Contact us today to see how working with SSP can help you grab this expanding market, and do it profitably.  After all, almost 50% of MLS listings are now foreclosure related - How much of that money are you leaving on the table?

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Agent/Broker Short Sale

We are experts at agent/broker short sales.  In a nutshell, we will work with you to determine what true current market value is.  Now this is where many agents go wrong.  I don' want to know what you think the property "should be worth,"  I don't want to hear about what it used to be "worth,"  and I certainly don't care what the seller wants it to be worth.  I want you to determine what listing number will generate an offer TODAY. We are only asking the lender to discount to where the market will respond with an offer.  This is usually less than 20% discount, and they usually go fast.  Since we start the process way before an offer is generated, by the time one comes in, we are 75% of the way done.  This is why the SSP METHOD prpoduces fast results on average.  For agents, we can claim an 90% success ratio.  Anyone who says they can close them all, or guarantees a close, is either lying or does not have a large sample to work with.



Joseph C. Alfe has worked as a mortgage lending executive with a leading Mortgage lender before starting his short sale negotiation company in 2005.