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25352 Wesley Chapel Blvd.

Lutz , FL 33559

Luxury "Green" Homebuilder...Emphasizing Quality, Comfort and Craftsmanship in Every custom and semi-custom home we build.

Get to know Siebel Falls Homes

The Siebel family boasts of over 15 years of expertise working with many of Florida's award-winning builders throughout Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Larry Falls is a community leader and entrepreneur in Florida's construction industry. Siebel and Falls met and bonded while volunteering at a function to uplift the values of our community. Together the Siebel and Falls Family envision home building with a higher level of integrity. OUR MISSION:Highest quality home built with luxurious craftsmanship for comfortable Florida living. Uplift the building industry's standard of business ethics. Increase the community's worth by building architecturally appealing homes of value. OUR VISION:With unity of purpose and diversity of strengths SIEBEL FALLS HOMES builds luxurious family-centered homes with a customer-friendly building process. We exceed client expectations in professionalism and integrity. Each home creates opportunity for skilled tradesmen that are held to the highest standards. SIEBEL FALLS HOMES positively impacts the communities it serves.  OUR PROMISE:SIEBEL FALLS HOMES brings COMFORT, QUALITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP to every home we build. COMFORT - The customer is our highest priority. SIEBEL FALLS HOMES are especially designed and built to exceed the homeowner's vision through an effortless building process. This is achieved through regularly scheduled on-site meetings with the customer. QUALITY - State of the art construction processes and materials are delivered through continuous research. Each house is built to withstand Florida's challenging climate for many years to come. CRAFTSMANSHIP - Attention to detail and careful workmanship are conveyed in elaborate homes centered on a creative design with a flair for elegance.


On your lot or ours, A Siebel Falls home is a reflection of the customer's style and character. Our customers partner with us throughout the design process to ensure that these standards of style and character are upheld. The customer can rest assured that we are familiar with every last detail in design of the home. This makes the transition from design to build move seamlessly. At SIEBEL FALLS HOMES we work as a team to ensure that that the highest quality and craftsmanship go into the home as well as making the experience enjoyable for our customers.

On Your Lot
SIEBEL FALLS HOMES also specializes in building luxury homes on your lot. As a full service home builder, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers enjoy a convenient building process. SIEBEL FALLS HOMES teams with customers to design and build unique homes throughout Central Florida.

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