Debby Pankow, Home Stager, Ozaukee County WI (Simply Redesigned, LLC)

Port Washington , WI 53074

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Home Staging & Interior Redesign Service in Ozaukee County, WI. Specialized in redesigning spaces and bringing out the best in a home to get it sold!

Get to know Debby Pankow


The goal is simple . . . to make a sale.  To get there in this economy, not so simple!  Why take a chance when putting a house on the market by not having it show it's best?  With so many buyers looking for houses on-line, it is so important to have a home's on-line appearance make prospective buyers want to see more!  Taking the time to prepare a home for sale will make a difference on how a home is perceived.

With many homes to choose from, a buyer is more likely to pick the house that they fall in love with!  It is hard to fall in love with a home that does not appeal to you!  Staging helps make a home appeal to the largest variety of buyers, which in turn increases the chances of a sale.  Make it simply easier to market a home by preparing it for sale:


My specialty is using what you own to improve your home - which is both Eco-friendly and Budget-friendly!  I really like to keep things simple - thus "Simply Redesigned"!  After living in a home for many years, homeowners tend to "get used to" the home looking a certain way and don't see it objectively.  By having a fresh set of eyes look over your property like a prospective buyer would, I am able to help you present your home in the most welcoming way to appeal to the variety of buyers.  This will help increase the amount of buyers that will be interested in your property.  Don't take a chance - make your home buyer-ready!

I offer a very flexible package to the homeowner in order to stay within their budget.  If they need help figuring out paint colors and room arrangements, but would like to do some of the work themselves to save money, I have a way to work with them to fit their particular needs.  Many people are in situations where they need to sell and there is a lot of competition.  I think that every home should look their best when trying to sell in order to get the most value out of it, instead of continually dropping the price to attract buyers - Bring out the Best in a Home to make buyers fall in love with it and want it for themselves!