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Top Group Capital Corporation started in the Philadelphia, PA area in 1981. The company originally started out as a Automobile Leasing company and quickly graduated into equipment leasing as its primary business. By 1985, Top Group began focusing heavily on the medical market, primarily Radiology based equipment for outpatient diagnostic imaging centers. Top Group also initiated its entry into the residential and commercial markets as well. The company moved its operations to Florida in November 2001 and continues to provide necessary financing to its client base nationwide.


Top Group Capital has over 25 years of experience in many areas of finance. Our 3 primary areas we specialize in is Residential Mortgage Lending, Commercial transaction including SBA (Small Business Administration) and Equipment lease financing. Commercial loans and Lease finance  transactions can be originated in the Continental United States.

Residential Mortgages can be originated in 39 states. We do A, Alt A and sub prime transactions. We have a program for purchase transactions that we can only originate as a Florida loan. Guidelines are 500 credit score (mid) Full doc W-2's, Tax Returns, No VOR or Tradeline requirements, No Bankruptcy's, foreclosures or mortgage lates in last 24 months and up to $7,500 tolerance for collection/charge offs.

Commercial Mortgage loans for all types of commercial projects. Equipment lease financing for all types of equipment including furniture, computer, medical , dental, machine tool, printing, telephone systems, office (copiers,etc) and construction, etc. These deals start from as little as $5,000.00 application only.


Residential & Commercial Mortgage Brokerage offering a complete lineup of products from A paper thru sub prime. We can originate loans in 39 states. We also have an equipment lease finance division