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Sky Minor Real Estate- I am a battle-scarred veteran of the up and down real estate industry. Working for four years as a mortgage broker and since 2007 as a real estate agent has given me a broad depth of knowledge and the ability to see a transaction through the eyes of the lenders. (Arguably the most important set of eyes.) Through the boom and bust I have been here living in and loving the East Side of Los Angeles. 

I am an investor myself and have been featured on CNN.com and AOL.com.  I understand the investors' needs and have special access to some programs that will make everyone smile. Rachel Mintz and I are business partners, life partners and we are in a band together. We work symbiotically and have never had a poor review from a past client. I understand the concerns of my fellow 20-somethings entering the real estate market for the first time and I work with them to educate and comfort so their first home purchase is natural and flawless. For mortgage lending in 50 states please visit my mortgage site.

No Realtor knows the East side of Los Angeles as well as I do. Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater, Mt. Washington, Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Highland Park and Downtown L.A. are where I live, work and play. I have seen the east side explode in the 2000's from an underappreciated and undervalued region to the hottest real estate sub-market in L.A. To get connected to the ambassador of the East side, call me at 310-709-8283 or visit www.skyminor.com.


I specalize in real estate brokering. mortgage financing and property investing.

My company Preferred Realty and Loan specializes in being the one stop shop for first time buyers in the Eastern Los Angeles area (including Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Garvanza, South Pasadena and Monterey Hills). We offer regular buyer education events and take pride in educating our clients to become happy and confident homeowners. Please drop by our site if you are looking to buy or sell property in Los Angeles.







Leyla Tirgari
I was new to the East Side and I really wanted to find a real estate broker who knew the neighborhood. I initially started looking for a fixer in Atwater, but with Sky's guidance learned to really see the potential in Highland Park/Eagle Rock. He is definitely your guy if you're a fist time buyer like myself. We must have gone on at least 50 house visits, many times I'd watch Sky crawl down under the house to see the structure and give me his honest take. 7 months later, after dealing with me the picky first-time buyer, we landed a place I adore. He's a great broker to help younger buyers like myself especially, who have zero knowledge about home buying. But he's got the experience for savvy (and perhaps more wealthy) experienced buyers as well. Really glad to have worked with him and happy to recommend to others as I've already done with several friends.
Tyler Pukatch
No one likes long Yelp reviews right? I'll make it simple: if you're even THINKING about buying a house (especially on the East Side), give Sky a call. Just do it... thank me later. If you have more time to read specifics, however... Pros (in order of importance): -Sky likes a good bargain (being active in real estate himself)... and that translates very well with investment savvy clients like myself. This is incredibly important. A lot of agents (95% of them) won't go the extra mile and take the risk and submit an offer for a dangerously low price because it means less commission for them, and it could cost them the deal. They'd rather just make excuses as to why the house is "worth" the ask price and not make an effort. Not so with Sky... he'll go to bat for you and has a talent for throwing around ball park numbers with the seller's agent to find out where the absolute floor is, ie where you're almost spitting in the seller's face. Sounds crude, but that's all potentially future money you'll be paying out of YOUR paycheck, right? We ended up taking 15% off the ask price after several negotiations, which is pretty good. -Seems like the guy genuinely enjoys his job, and that he's done pretty well in real estate himself (owns multiple units), so there is a readily apparent feeling of "doing it for fun" that goes a long way towards not making you feel pressured to do anything you don't feel like doing because he's likely not THAT dependent on the commission. He's also genuinely fun to be around and has a redeeming sense of humor, not like other stuffy agents. -A "knock your door down" professional across all levels. Half the time, my wife and I were done for the day, but he always had more suggestions to go look at. Even though we ultimately bought one of the first houses we saw, there were a few that we saw in the later stages that that very well could have been veritable backups had our primary fallen through. That means a lot to a buyer, to have options. -Supremely more tech savvy than any other agent (which is important... up to the minute automatic updates on market moves and new listings in your exact desired market, and lightning fast with emails). -Knows the market unbelievably well (I mean, laughably well... ie pointing out new trends in housing, and several houses that were done by same developer that look 100% alike, even though 10+ miles apart) -Last but not least, free lunch 8) Cons: -None. Absolutely none. I would advise you call him soon, though, because his weekends are starting to fill up.

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