Matthew Royer, NMLS #  366970 (Homes Mortgage )
NMLS# 366970

Mortgage Consultant of 13 years, specifying in ensuring that home buyers both understand and enjoy the mortgage process. As a father of two, teaching is my first nature.

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I like to call my specialty for homebuyers 'hand holding'.  After every home purchase or refinance I always make a point of asking my clients what they felt I did best for them and typically receive two consistent answers. One, I listen well to the needs and wants of my clients and two, I am never difficult to reach or ask questions.  I love to teach and share information.  I encourage my clients to ask me questions at all times and about any part of the homebuying process.  I enjoy getting excited about house they find, about the quality of life change they are going to have once they get to the closing table and own that new home.  If I wasn't actively engaged in the entire process with my client I would find no satisfaction in what I do. Some of my clients will talk to me 3-4 times a day, others 3-4 times a month while purchasing or refinancing their home. Everyone is different and I hope to learn and accommodate every single person.  My greatest pride is when my clients call me up just to tell me they finally got the new carpet for their home and they want to send me the pictures.  Then I know that I have made the process enjoyable and stress free for them.  It's amazing how well being straight forward and open with clients will help them understand the process more fully and alleviate their worries.

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My area of expertise is helping clients establish goals for their financial future and current situation.  Much of my work over the past 8 years has been focused with first time homebuyers and educating them on the process by walking them through it step by step.  I have found in recent years that second and third time homebuyers have been extremely appreciative of my process from start to finish, never leaving a doubt or worry in their mind at any point.  This career isn't just getting financing in place, it is an advisory and teaching role for clients no matter how many times they have gone through it and that is where I excel.