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Get to Know Kate Stanford

I've gone through a lot of cycles through the years, and the one thing that's saved me is my committment to collaborate.  I reinvented my business a few years ago, and really concentrated on my clients' goals and obstacles they needed to overcome.  Once I started devoting real time to addressing problems in their business lives, working my network to benefit their outcome, I found that I have a much more stable clientelle; And they reciprocate!  Working in a finite group which is mutually beneficial has allowed me to devote time where it matters most to the client, strengthening their purchasing power by improving their incomes, conversing about the investment scenario, researching the world financial picture, serving as a sounding wall.  It's important to each of us. 


Projecting net value for clients before they purchase has been at the core of my efforts for individuals buying homes and investors purchasing income producing properties or improvement properties.  Concentrating on the realization of value, I look at every feature of a home and any damage that can be repaired to see what the upgraded value will be, including anticipated appreciation.  When looking at land for development, I look at the health of the community, any detriments and environmental depreciation, such as junk yards, non-zoned businesses, and the probable pool of buyers and the likelihood of their accessability to financing.  Protecting my clients' best interests means making sure they will be able to sell in the future, not over encumbering an investor with too much inventory, and of course making sure they are happy to be there at the close of the purchase. 

My newest first time home buyers brought me back recently, when they told me how much they love the house and how excited they are to go look at it.  They, too, carefully spoke with the neighbors, checked out the schools, compared the fencing with an overhead view of the property, to make sure it was the place they want to live.  I was able to tell them about the resale value other homeowners have enjoyed after purchasing my builder's homes, and the percentage of improvement in a redeveloping neighborhood.  That is what it's all about.


Over 25 years consistent volume in resale, new construction, corporate relocation, REO, and short sales, commercial. Working in a hub real estate office, I enjoy a huge audience for my inventory.