Roylen "GRIFF" Griffin (Countywide Realty)
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South East Utah. Blanding, Monticello, Bluff. Farms, Ranchs, Recreational properties. Commercial properties as well as residential. Associate broker. If you need experience in land sales-- I am it !

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I was born and raised in American Fork Utah. Graduated High School there and did all the usual car and baseball games.  Took some risks and found I had some talent in the automotive field.  With a partner we opened up a Quick Lube and quickly grew that business to 3 stores and a convienience store.  I loved being in business for myself and knew I had found my niche.   the reason your in business is to bulid something of equitable value-- I got an offer I couldnt refuse and sold out-- being too young to retire I bought some tire stores and moved to Phoenix Az.  I was not one to be in the tire business and decided to move back to Utah.  Real Estate was in my blood and I found out I was pretty good at it.  Got my license in 2005 and recently got my Brokers license.  I live in South East Utah and just love my environment-- I hope to add more pictures so everyone can see how truely unique this area is .

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We all need a niche-- mine is land sales-- farms... ranches and recreational properties-- second homes-- 1031 exchanges and unique one of a kind builds.  I like raw land and helping to realize its potential.  I understand mineral rights..water rights-- irrigation water shares-- cattlemens issues-- range laws-- Animal units and I work well with Forest Service and BLM Government agencies.  I know agriculture-- wildlife reserves-- as well as recreation -- ATV trails -- wilderness areas and how the intergrate with eachother.  I understand land use and what properties as best suited for best use of the land.  Roll back taxes and green belt are no strangers to me-- I stand equal to the challenge