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Not your traditional real estate agent. My focus is to make my clients so outrageously happy with the help that I provide them that they will gladly introduce me to my next 2 clients.

Get to know Susan Phelps

It doesn't take much to convince someone that Sarasota, Florida is Paradise on the Gulf Coast.  Mr. Beach dubbed our own Siesta Key Beach the #1 most Beautiful Beach in the US. I'm a native Floridian. I've lived in a few other places in and out of Florida and I kept coming back. A Dieteics internship brought me Sarasota in 1985.I've been here since and I LOVE SRQ!  After a 25 year career working with babies to seniors I decided to extend my interests in real estate. I've spent many years investing and working with homeowners to avoid foreclosure. I want to be part of the solution whether it's to find a new resident and their family a home or help someone work through a distressed situation, I love the challenge . I still work with the Senior Friendship Center for Healthy Aging as a volunteer Nutrition counselor. I probably always will. Senior Friendship is one of those "gems" you will learn about on my blog  I'm still discovering Sarasota surprises and I want to share them with visitors and residents.  You see, so many of our visitors become residents quickly.

If you've decided to make Sarasota your home let's get together and find the house to make your home.

If your life has changed and you need to sell your house let's get together and find the next owners to make it their home. 

Two friends gave me the moniker, Sarasota Suze, and it's stuck. I'm all about Sarasota and the people that live & love here and make it a community worth sharing.

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Sarasota is characteristic of waterfront cities but with a special string of keys, Anna Maria, Longboat, Siesta, and Casey that boast fabulous homes which are hi-lighted on TV and in publications around the world. Mainland Sarasota has waterfront as well due to the many canals and lakes but also because Phillippi Creek runs through the county creating beautiful water paths to the inter-coastal and charming waterfront nooks where you wouldn't expect them. The result is a bit of a mixed bag is some areas. You may have a waterfront home on one side of the street and  a modest family residence on the other. It's just the nature of Sarasota. After having lived here for 26 years, I'm the one you want looking out for your best interest with your next home investment.

I get a real thrill after helping someone find their next home.  And I get an equal satisfaction after helping someone sell their house. I've handled over 50 distressing sales and negotiated the best outcome for my customer.

It's a pleasure working with sophisticated buyers and sellers that understand the value of real estate. The Sarasota market is a bit different in that the nationwide trends don't exactly match here so it's important to work with an expert that knows the community.






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