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IT'S ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, IT'S NOT ABOUT US...So often the tendency is to try to convince you how wonderful we are and why YOU should work with us, by listing all the great things we've done and all our professional accomplishments that make us so valuable to YOU. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that we should sell ourselves to YOU the same way automobiles and toasters are sold. By listing all the features and hoping you will buy.Luckily, we're not interested in selling you anything! We are Professional Real Estate Consultants interested only in helping YOU reach your personal goals in anything to do with real estate. This is demonstrated from the fact that 80% of our business comes from referrals from friends, clients and members of the community from whom we have earned their trust and who refer us to people they care about and respect.Our belief is that YOU came to this website looking for something that would be of a benefit to YOU. Our interest is in helping YOU accomplish that. This website has all of the same benefits of any number of other real estate oriented websites that are on the Internet, but with a BIG difference. It is designed with YOU in mind, not us.This difference means the whole focus of our website and our business is YOU. What YOU want and need and how we can help YOU reach your goals. To that end we would appreciate any suggestions from YOU on how to make our website better. How it might be better constructed to give YOU the information and knowledge YOU need.Ok, that's all you'll hear about us. Enjoy the website and please utilize all the buttons that lead to things of interest to YOU. Check out the Local Partners and Link Partners buttons for a lot of neat people interested in providing services YOU might need like restaurants, artists, home improvement and many others. Enjoy.


A Full Service Real Estate Brokerage and Development Company serving the San Francisco Bay Area and the Internet.