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Public Adjusters from Tal & Associates Public Adjusters, LLC have vast experience within the insurance industry due to their prior background in working FOR insurance companies. Because of this, our adjusters have extensive knowledge regarding claim policy and claim handling protocols that may not be known to those outside the inner workings of the insurance industry. This is the key advantage to hiring one of our Public Adjusters.


Many times when approaching property owners we hear the homeowners say “We already have an adjuster.” While that may be true, it is very important to understand that insurance adjusters cannot serve two masters; Either they work for you, or they work for your insurance company. There are 3 kinds of adjusters: The right kind of Adjuster YOU need to have is aPublic Adjuster. Public Adjusters work solely for you and represent your best interest! Other insurance adjusters work for the insurance company. A Company Adjuster or Staff Adjuster, is an employee of the insurance company; therefore, represents their interests. Independent Adjusters or Catastrophe Adjusters, are independent adjusters who work under contract and represent the insurance company who hired them. They too, work in the insurance company's best interest. Insurance companies spend a lot of money and resources trying to protect their own interests. Who is going to represent your interest? Tal and Associates experienced adjusters are qualified and able to help you get the settlement you deserve on your insurance claim.


The company currently operates in 44 U.S states & Washington DC, and employs approximately 20 adjusters throughout all locations.