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Get to Know Tara Jacobsen

I was a very successful realtor for 2 years in Clearwater, FL. I am FABULOUS at lead generating and I liked working with sellers VERY much! Marketing myself and their properties was the best part of the job, and then I realized that it truly was the only part of the job that I liked!

Any realtor will tell you that the real work starts when a contract is submitted! There is the negotiating, inspections, financing snafus, re-negotiating, making sure timelines are met and adhered to and SO much more. I have decided to help other realtors (and small businesses) with the parts that I shine at and let others take over the clients and hard work of getting a deal to closing!

I have been marketing obsessed for YEARS! In the .com heyday I worked at Digital Chainsaw as the Executive Producer of Web Design and Development and since then have owned a marketing company and done design work for various mailing companies, small businesses and non profits.

If you are looking to increase your realtor marketing results, check out my blog http://marketingartfully.com for tons of FREE realtor marketing ideas!

Keller Williams agents looking to implement a 33 Touch program can check out our 33 Touch Page http://marketingartfully.com/33-touch/.


I specialize in helping realtors and small business owners with their marketing needs. I was a (successful) practicing realtor in the Clearwater, FL area prior to diving back into marketing. I have great relationships with many local realtors so if you need a good referral feel free to email me and I will get you hooked up!

Make sure the person you hire to do your marketing knows YOUR business, not just theirs! Highlights of my accomplishments during two years as a realtor in Clearwater, FL (2006-2008):

 - Sold $2,642,466 in 2007
 - GCI $79,274 in 2007
 - Listed 55 Properties
 - Established Expired Campaign
 - Established Short Sale Campaign
 - Developed Successful Listing Presentation
 - Cultivated Successful Farm (Listed 6 Properties, Sold 5 Sides)
 - Featured In KW National Training Marketing Materials
 - Branded Tara & Sheila Show Partnership
 - Training Topics: Niche Marketing, Market Like A Maniac, Internet Marketing, Technology Workshop, Marketing Workshop

I specialize in helping Realtors develop a complete game plan for their marketing. We look at who your target market should be, the best and most affordable way to reach those people and then a plan to follow up with them and move them from prospects and suspect to CLIENTS!


Effective realtor marketing! How to use social networking, blogging, websites, email marketing and newsletters to grow your real estate business! Learn to use the latest marketing tools.