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Theresa Bastian
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A former teacher, Theresa Bastian is passionate about public education. She now owns Let's Move Austin, a real estate brokerage that focuses on building business and personal relationships with honesty and integrity.

The team at Let’s Move Austin can help you buy, sell, lease, or invest in real estate throughout Austin and Central Texas. Call 512-297-3442 and we get started right away.


Jason Jorgenson
I found Theresa Bastian when I first started looking at houses before I was ready to buy, and before my condo had been listed. They made buying, selling and moving an awesome experience instead of a terrible headache. They never rushed or tried to push me into making a decision before I was 100% behind it. I highly recommend her and do to all my friends thinking about buying or selling.
Sarah Grace
If you are looking for a real estate agent to buy or sell a house, call Rodney and Theresa. I used to do real estate investing, I know a couple hundred real estate agents in Austin. I will never, ever do another transaction in Austin without Rodney or the Keep Austin Weird Homes team if I could possibly help it. Bar none, THEY ARE THE BEST. Rodney's team is the most amazing, most professional people I have ever dealt with in any capacity. My family was in a rough situation where we had to move out of our house in a little under a month and a half- including closing. Rodney and Theresa had a listing we were interested in, and when I spoke with them they actually LISTENED to what we wanted- they were the only agents to do so. After dealing with several other agents, my family agreed they were the only ones worth working with. We are a three adult family, and true to their name, Keep Austin Weird knew what to do with a poly marriage looking to buy a house. All three of us had VERY strong opinions on what we did and did not want. Rodney nailed a house that fit our budget and matched everything on three different Must Have lists, and three different No-Go lists. It was pretty spectacular- we found a house the three of us love faster than we found a car. On top of having magic skills at listening and finding our Unicorn House, or the Needle in the Haystack, Rodney and his team kept the transaction going along smoothly despite the most incredible series of setbacks. Our mortgage broker got really shady mid-transaction, and we ended up using Diana, who as far as I can tell is a Mortgage Fairy Godmother, who Rodney recommended. I was kept completely in the loop, which is what I needed as a control freak. Communication was amazing, and I just can't express what a fantastic job they did. The icing on the Awesome Cake- even after the deal was finished, everyone was paid, and they could have just ignored us- the second bathroom started flooding. I contacted them to find out if there was anything we could do. Rodney completely took care of us. Not only had Rodney gotten us a Home Warranty as a gift at closing to cover it, when we found out there was a $6,000 to $8,000+ plumbing repair needed that was NOT in the seller's disclosure, Rodney went over ever shred of paperwork, called us daily with updates, and got everything ready for any sort of legal fight we might need to get into to get the issue fixed. After that, Rodney was able to negotiate a lawyer-free agreement to get our house fixed without having to go to court, or spend any extra money out of pocket. If anyone tries to back out of doing what they've agreed, I know he's going to be on it like white on rice. I am a total do-not-trust-anyone control freak, and I can sit back and relax because I know he's going to take care of it completely, as well or better than I can. Do you know how many professionals I feel that way about? Zero. I trust Rodney with the largest financial purchase my family has made more than I trusted the last doctor that performed surgery on me. Every professional Rodney recommended to us was incredible. Every interaction was amazing. He really *got* my family and our needs. We thought finding a house that had everything all three of us wanted and nothing on our No-No list was impossible- and he nailed it with the second house we looked it. His sense of humor and professionalism saved me from getting an ulcer on several occasions, and even AFTER the deal was done and he was paid, he's kept calling and making sure everything was set and everything was going great. These guys are the cream of the crop.

Broker Owner of Let's Move Austin with 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.