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How can you grow your business without spending top dollars on marketing campaigns? Get more from your marketing efforts with call capture and lead generation system. With products you get a complete lead generation, call tracking and marketing solution used every day by thousands of real estate, mortgage, and financial professionals all over the country to give them greater exposure, more clients, and improve their quality of life and business. innovative call capture and lead generation technology is a MUST tool for every Real Estate and Mortgage professional. Track the success rates of your advertising with fast, feature-rich and simple-to-use products designed to give you a competitive edge, at an affordable price. Use our call capture system as a listing tool and lead generator to increase your business while tracking advertising sources with you own toll free number. Advertise your listings with a custom web site and make an extraordinary first impression by creating a professional image of you and your company. Manage your contacts efficiently using our complete and unified leads management system or integrate with the top companies specializing in contact management. is a turnkey system for virtually every industry. Use our call capture and lead generation technology to dramatically increase your business by using the best effective ad tracking and call capture techniques. Our 800 call capture systems are used every day not only by thousands of real estate and mortgage professionals, but in many other industries as well, giving them greater exposure, more clients, and improve their quality of life and business.




Here are some of the benefits of using technology:

Increased Lead Generation - by offering information labeled as "Free", "24-Hour" and "Recorded" generates 300-400% more calls.  The reason for this is that callers know that the call is free, that they can call day or night, and that it is recorded or non-confrontational.

Higher Quality Leads - by offering any of over 100 consumer information tips created (you can also create your own), you can generate a much higher quality of lead. (i.e. new purchase, refinance, debt consolidation vs. someone who needs some kind of loan)

Automatic Advertising Tracking - The system automatically records the marketing cost for each marketing effort, and tracks incoming calls from that source to determine the exact cost-per-lead of each effort (i.e. newspaper ad, magazine ad, flyer, mailer, website, etc.)

Increased Availability to Clients - At any time, callers can press a button to directly connect to you (or anyone you want) no matter if you are at home, the office, or picking up kids from school.

Guaranteed Follow Up - Anytime a buyer calls (even if they hang up without saying a word, the service captures the time, date, marketing source and phone number of the caller - even if they have an unlisted or Caller ID blocked number).  We can even capture the name and address if listed.  We can provide this information instantly via text messaging or email, or the information can be found via the online web control panel.

Voicemail - Even if you are not available, clients can select to leave you a voice mail message.  You can access this from any phone or via any computer from anywhere in the world.

Faxback - Faxed information, once loaded, is available to potential clients 24/7.  They simply need to enter their fax number and out it goes.

Integrated Contact Management System - All inbound leads are automatically funneled into the integrated contact management system.  You can access it 24/7 from any computer.  From here you can save, modify and store each contact.  You can also set tasks, appointments and reminders. If you prefer, you can send the data into outlook, Top Producer, or other contact management system

Real Time Caller Statistics - At the click of a button, you can instantly get a complete real-time summary of all your caller reports.  Simply log into the website, set your own date ranges, and see a list of all caller reports dividing the calls by area code, date, listing, marketing source, result, marketing effectiveness, and average call length.




Your success is based on how quickly your business can track, respond to, and identify new opportunities. will provide you just the right tools you need.