Brent North

10114-100 street

Grande Prairie , ab T8V 2L9

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Team North is one of Grande Prairie's most successful Real Estate Sales Teams helping hundreds of people make their move in Real Estate Year after year.

Get to know Brent North

Hello My Name is Brent North.  In order to let you know a little bit about my self and my ideals it is important to start with some knowledge of my past.  I was raised in a small town of a population of around 1500 people by my father who raised both my younger sister and myself fom a very young age.  During this time I learned many lessons; how to compromise, how to listen, how to pull my share of the load, good manners, common sense, and how to communicate effectively.  As I matured and started my working life I soon realized the value of working hard at a career that you fully enjoyed.  I once had a teacher advise me to try many different career paths until I found the one that gave me a smile every morning, Real Estate is that career for me.  I truly enjoy each and every day working in an industry that has such a great interest for so many people and has so many avenues to pursue. 


It is my belief that one of my greatest attributes as a Real Estate Professional is my communication skills.  I have been involved in Real Estate Sales, full time, since 2001 and have helped thousands of people realize their real estate goals.  In my opinion the job of a Real Estate Professional is to listen, learn, provide, and advise people through the whole process.  One of my favorite compliments  from a client is "That was so easy...thank you!'  The key to a smooth transaction is understanding the clients goals, providing them with the tools to achieve those goals, and advising them of the best way to realize those goals.  I have found throughout my time as an agent that the most important thing to a client is honest communication and a knowledge of the product.

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