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That's not really me hitting the post! O.K. I admit it, sometimes I hit the post. I'm the "good witch" who lays out marketing tools for small business, especially Realtors.

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This picture, can sometimes perfectly sum up the "flight" of the Realtor!

The stress can be overwhelming, with the highs being high, and the lows being low. I don't need to tell you, that it's rewarding, and scary. Just when we think we've mastered that broom stick, bang! we meet a tree! One thing is for sure, I understand the stress and the plight you as a Realtor go through; I've been there. I get it.

In terms of marketing tools, and thanks primarily to the Internet, Real Estate has evolved tremendously since my early introduction in 1981. For Over 25 years I've worked as a Realtor, Business Co-Owner, Had an Assistant and been an Assistant! I was introduced to this business in 1981, and took the plunge in 1986. What's been most interesting is watching economies boom and bust over 30 years (It's been fascinating to witness history predictably repeat itself).

I own several websites, with my primary business website being Many of the tools and tips outlined are products and services I've used myself.

If you're looking for some clear guidance on such fundamentals as "How to Structure Your Real Estate Web Business", or "Setting Up Email Signatures", there's that and more at, "Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents" where I put together a summary of the basic "how-to's" to get you started and to help you think more in terms of the online world. I am always adding to that page as well, so feel free to go back and check it out once and a while.

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