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I work at a small company that my mother is the Broker of. We like it that way because we are able to put more into what we do for our clients. We help each other out whenever possible. I am really friendly and outgoing. I will do what I can to make you happy and want to work with me. I know a lot about the new construction side of the bussiness and that helps when you are looking at any age of home. I am able to work with you more because  I am at a smaller company. We have a really great web site...WWW.LUBBOCKHOMES.INFO, you should check it out. I am the mother of 2 small girls and they get to work with me sometimes, that is nice. My 2 year old tell me all the time that she wants to go look at houses! I guess that I have started training her early!

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My areas of expertise would be the new construction end. I have been the superintendent of a construction company for the past 7 years. We do new construction and remodles. I have worked my way up from the bottom and would say that I know more that the average agent.  I am able to look at a house and see the potential, not what can not be done. I think positive in almost every house that I show. I find that if I keep a positive attitude about the house then it help the buyer see past the house needing carpet and paint and look at the potential the house has.

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