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I am the National Marketing Director for My Mortgage Teacher (www.MyMortgageTeacher.com). I work primarily with those who want to pay-off their 30-year mortgages, grow their current home equity, and my team works with real estate and mortgage professionals to generate new listings, connect with past clients, and grow a second income stream via My Mortgage Teacher.  Our company is seeking additional Real Estate & Mortgage Industry Professionals who have the desire to further grow and develop your local market place for REPEAT business and separate yourself or company from the competition! Our programs and concepts will open doors for you and place your name in the center of the community attention.  Our programs are excellent in a booming economy or very slow economy. No Experience Required, we will train you for success. I am about serving others and helping them to get their needs met and then ultimately I will continue to be Blessed!

My Mortgage Teacher was established to help educate consumers on how to save money daily and to become debt-free in their mortgage(s) and debts, in the shortest possible time. Our services will save you in paying tens of thousands in mortgage interest, build equity quickly, and increase your net-worth. Would you like to be the hero in your community?  Help your clients pay-off their 30 year mortgage quickly.  We have the solutions for all Homeowners, and Commercial Property Owners. As a Mortgage and Real Estate Professional, you are in excellent position to help yourself, your clients and prospects beat the bank, save thousands on interest, and earn a very good 2nd income stream. We offer independent contracts for Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Professionals, Financial Professionals and Financial Agency Programs nationwide with a simple turn-key system. No cost to join. Review our two Mortgage & Debt Eliminator Solutions: First is our proprietary mortgage & debt elimination software that will guide you through paying off mortgage and consumer debts in 9-12 years versus a 30 year mortgage and consumer debts. This Debt Reduction system has been in America now for approximately 5 years and it has taken off like a storm, with national praise and reviews. Our 2nd recommendation has been in America since 1980’s, but most consumers have not been introduce to this service or properly explained. Not, only can this service save you 7-9 years off a 30 year mortgage, but will save tens of thousands of interest as well. Plus, this service can be used to accelerate any amortized debts: cars, boats, planes, and any other big ticket item, such as recreational vehicles. Our marketplace is unlimited! For more information on our mortgage & debt elimination services and opportunity, please go to ww1.MyMortgageTeacher.com and get your own FREE Debt-Free Analysis, then decide for yourself. Hopefully, you will agree with us, and join My Mortgage Teacher in making a better America. Teresa Thompson National Marketing Director, My Mortgage Teacher.comMyMortgageTeacher has offices/agents in Charlotte, NC, San Antonio, TX, and Newburgh, NY.


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I am the National Marketing Director for My Mortgage Teacher, based in San Antonio, Texas. My Mortgage Teacher unites real estate and mortgage professionals under the banner of Uplift America.