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Christine Wade
Operations Strategist / Online Business Manager
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Get to Know Christine Wade

Christine Wade has successfully owned and operated a Real Estate Virtual Assistant company providing Real Estate Support Services, since March of 2000, working with real estate professionals nationwide.

She has several accreditations and has received many client testimonials over the years.

Christine is also a licensed agent (CA DRE license #1442002) as well as the founder and President of the National Association of Women Real Estate Agents.



With the current state of the economy and real estate industry specifically, as a real estate agent, agents need to see the value in every dollar they spend. Now partnering with a virtual assistant is based on the value that agents can expect to receive, rather than how much every little task is going to cost them, allowing their business to thrive and reach a new level of success.

Pick a package...agents decide what value they want to receive for their money. Real estate agents nationwide will benefit from this structure laid out by Christine,  now dubbed The 10 Hour VA -  I can work with real estate agents to create just the right value package best suited to their real estate support services needs. Whether agents want a package that is designed to take care of all things related to online marketing or they want a listing marketing package, or an inventory maintenance package…or a completely custom package which picks and chooses tasks based on their needs…real estate agents will see the value.

Gone is the day of micro-managing a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, now, when working with Christine Wade, through her website, agents simply say, “this is the value that I want to receive from The 10 Hour VA”, set up their account and that’s it. Every month they have a certain set of tasks and functions that they no longer need to worry about because they have outsourced them to their Real Estate Virtual Assistant. Markets change, as everyone is painfully aware right now, and so may an agent's real estate support needs. For this reason, I allow clients to readjust the scope of their partnership with me every 3 months.

I communicate with my clients throughout the month as I work on their real estate support needs and keep them updated as to their progress in simple, human communication methods. The Value of 10…that’s what I'm selling. I don’t want to be the assistant that agents farm out tiny projects to every once in awhile. I want to build a long term relationship with my clients and their business, through 10 hours per month, I will grow with my clients as a business partner and will have a vested interest in my clients' success.

Simplicity sells. Times are complicated. People long for human relationships, someone to care about them and their business success. Partnering with me through for all of an agent's real estate support services needs will bring simplicity, caring and success back to your sometimes lonely real estate business. Home buyers and sellers will thank their agents, tell them that you’ve learned The Value of 10!


Ken Manchego
“I’ve rarely written any testimonials but felt compelled to express my gratitude to Christine for assisting me with my business web design, maintenance marketing and general consulting. I’m not the easiest person to work with so if she can please me she can please anybody, she’s truly amazing when it comes to timeliness and responding to your requests, there’s no waiting around half the day for a response. I truly appreciated that. She’s very precise and you immediately notice her computer like mind although she’s a great blend of engineer an artist. It’s amazing to watch as she comes up with ideas on her creative side and has the skill to implement them on the computer/engineer side. She’s one of the rare people that gives that extra 1% that makes all the difference in the world, I find her quick of mind, witty and passionate about what she does. She is an asset to my company and would be to any company that uses her.”
James Tobin, Ph.D.
Relocating my business from the East to West coast was a difficult decision, as I was not sure I could replicate my previous success in a new area. But I called on Christine to help me get going from the ground up, and she was ready for the challenge. Responsive, supportive, and efficient, Christine quickly designed a website that met my criteria for both design and functionality. She was able to take my direction well, but was also willing to provide her own suggestions and opinions, which really helped us develop a collaborative process and ultimately get to a product that far succeeded my vision. Following the website development, Christine has supplemented my marketing efforts with a variety of tools and platforms which have not only enhanced my reaching out to potential new clients, but has also created new potential venues through which I could deliver services and products. She remains the quiet support in my corner, offering me consistent technical expertise as well as entrepreneurial innovation. I recommend her services highly! (Original date no longer documented - approx. date used)
R.W. Bruton
GREAT!!! Terrific, What else can I say. I am very pleased with all you have done and I will surely tell others about your work. Thanks again for all your patience and know that I am 100 percent satisfied. Quality Custom Homes (original date lost...estimate used)

Operations Strategist serving independent entrepreneurs in the real estate Industry. In business since 2000, over 25 years of business management experience, licensed agent in California.