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Bob Massey

National Speaker, Former Executive, Trainer,

Coach, Father, Husband, Football Fanatic

 Bob Massey, the nation's leading expert on using Real Estate Agents to bring you deals, has a very unique background for a Real Estate Investing Trainer.  Bob became a very successful Investor after retiring from a 30 year career in corporate sales and marketing.  He is a career sales person, sales manager, sales trainer and former top level sales executive.  Bob's last position was as a partner in a "big 4" accounting firm.  His job was to teach the accountants how to sell their services (talk about a tough job!).  Bob has been building sales and marketing campaigns his entire career.  He has brought that experience to our industry and has introduced a unique concept with a level of professionalism that is second to none. 

Bob has discovered a way to get real estate agents to bring him what he calls "wholetail" deals (selling at near retail prices at wholesale speeds).  They bring him the motivated sellers and then bring him the qualified buyers.  By doing this, Bob has created deals with huge profit and no risk.  He actually has the house sold before he has to close on it!  And his unique strategies and approach have proven very successful for novices and experienced investors alike.  Big profits, massive deal flow, no risk, way lower cost of marketing per deal and others do most of the work for the deal.  How can you beat that?  Combine a great concept with Bob's unique professional background and you have an incredible opportunity for investors to profit big in this difficult market. 

 He is a national speaker and has been training Investors all over the country on Short Sales for the past 4 years (since before they were the "in" thing!).  Bob has coached/trained Investors all over the world.  His students love his level of professionalism and depth of knowledge.

 Bob has been married for 36 years (and counting!) and has two of his kids working with him in the business.  He lives on a lake in Georgia, loves weekends on the water with his friends and family, traveling, and is a huge football fanatic.


Bob specializes in helping investors learn to work hand-in-hand with realtors in order create opportunites to complete deals in which both the investor and the agent get paid.  His success in this area flies in the face of conventional thought in the real estate investment business, and has led him and his students to huge success in the areas of short sales, REOs, foreclosures and more!