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Nichol Sandoval, Turning Houses into DreamHomes (DreamHome Staging & ReDesign) Home Stager



Nichol Sandoval
Turning Houses into DreamHomes
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Get to Know Nichol Sandoval


In all honesty, I can’t even begin to remember how long it’s been since I’ve had a passion for interior decorating and redesign. I can remember being a little girl and “re-doing” my room over so that it was “prettier”. As I got older, I remember not wanting to go anywhere because my room wasn’t spotless and I was getting tired of seeing my vase in the same spot. It obviously had called for a make-over.  Now as a wife and a mother of four my children are growing up and I feel that it’s finally my time to follow what I’ve always done. 


When we bought our first house, my husband was working full time (and still does) so a lot of the home buying, moving, and organizing fell into my hands. At the time I had two toddlers, a 7 year old and a 9 month baby. Yeah, it’s work. The fun part was going to the open houses where I was rearranging, organizing, and building up their rooms in my head.


It never occurred to me to start a business until I had helped a friend move out of their house and I first handily experienced another person’s stress, fatigue, and concerns. It had seemed that all the fun and excitement of moving into a new house got swept away in the chaos. What can I say, I felt for them, not only because of what was going on but because I could relate. 


Luckily, all our hard work and effort had paid off when their house got an offer first open house weekend and they were able to sell for over asking price (not bad for zero budget)! The smile and relief on my friends face was the concrete that helped seal the foundation of what was always inside me.


My name is Nichol Sandoval and I am here to create spaces through innovation, compassion, and expertise that people simply love.



Turning Houses into DreamHomes