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I am the Marketing Director for the Johnston Team. My wife, Holly Johnston, is an agent with Talbot Historic Properties in New Orleans, LA. I am responsible for handling all the online aspects of her business, from online branding to SEO to lead generation.

I also consult with other agents on building their online presence and creating their own unique brand. Today there are so many agents that to the potential buyer or seller it is hard to tell them apart. They all have the same type of sign, they have an alphabet soup of designations behind their name, they all talk about the millions of dollars of homes they have sold, but none of them stand out. 

I can make you stand apart from other agents in your area. I can make you different.

I use a process that helps you figure out who you should be marketing too AND who you shouldn't. Then we create a brand designed to attract your ideal client. You will have the perfect clients finding you and you will not have to deal with the ones that aren't a good fit. Trust me, when all your clients are exactly what you want you will feel so much better and will wake up every morning excited to out of bed excited and ready to help a new client.

Feel free to call me at 504-208-1766.  You can also find me on Twitter (@chrisjohnston) but beware I tweet a lot(20-50 tweets a day), so if you follow me I may fill up your twitter stream.



I tried being an agent twice, once in 2004 and again in 2009. I love real estate. I love working with other agents. I love the drive and determination top agents have. I also figured out that I don't like selling houses. Sure showing multi-million dollar McMansions was fun but the bulk of the homes in my market are 40-50 year old ranch houses and to me they were just boring.

I also love marketing more than selling. Let me clear up a common misconception, marketing and selling are entirely different activities. Getting someone to call you, that is marketing. Closing them when they call is sales. Making it easy for a buyer to find your home when searching online is marketing. Getting them to sign a purchase agreement is sales. I love marketing but I don't like sales.

I invested hundreds of hours studying sales techniques. I listened to Tom Hopkins over and over on the tape deck in my car and internalized the sales scripts. The problems was I just didn't enjoy it. I decided to focus on what I enjoyed. 



I am the Marketing Director for the Johnston Team.