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Whether your lending needs are large or small, The Raff Group has been providing customed tailored mortgage solutions for borrowers for over 10 years.

Get to know Mark Raff

Mark Raff began his career in the mortgage industry a lot like many first time home buyers, he knew what he wanted and was not very familar with the lending process.  He quickly built up his knowledge base, mastering FHA/VA, Conventional and Jumbo Loans.  He familarized himself with all aspects of the industry so that he knew the answers to the questions before they were asked of him.  Mark assembled a team behind him and quickly rose to become one of the top Mortgage Bankers in Illinois.  His belief is that no person should be without a plan to own a home.  If you can follow the plan, you will achieve your dream of home ownership.  His dedication to his clients has brought him awards and praise within the Real Estate community.  He has served 1,000's of people in the "scared trust" that is procuring home financing for people, and is always looking for even better ways to serve his clients, past and present.


Working in Real Estate in today's market requires a commitment to education, because things are changing at lighting speed.  The Raff Group has been certified as experts in the following loan products:

FHA Loans, these are Government insured loans, they require less money down than typical Mortgage loans. VA Loans, these are Government insured loans for Veterans and active Military personel. FHA 203K Loans, these loans are used for renovation your property and could help you build and addition to purchase new appliances. If you were thinking of investing in your home, this might be the loan for you. REO Loans, are you considering purchasing a foreclosed home, then consider financing. Conventional Loans, these loans are for people wishing to put down 5% or more on the property. Jumbo Loans, this is the mortgage for you if your loan amount exceeds the convention loan limits in your area. Adjustble Rate Mortgages, when the interest rates are higher these mortgages can provide reflief to your payment.

The are countless loan products availble to meet anyone's current situation.  Likely owning the home is the largest purchase your will ever make and it is important that The Raff Group meets your payment and equity objectives.

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