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Get to know Tim Finn

My name is Timothy Finn; I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in New York State with CashOut Realty.

Our goal is to offer clients the best experience when buying or selling a home. We accomplish this through our

strategy of new compelling real estate programs. 


I graduated from St. Joseph’s college in Patchogue on Long Island with my

Bachelor degree in Marketing and went on to get my M.B.A. in Finance. During my

college years I ran a successful Internet business out of my home in Jamesport until I

sold the business in 2007. I have always been an entrepreneur therefore I think outside

of the box. I am persistent and confident which makes me great at sales.


My background in the real estate industry spans a little over 3 years. After I sold

my business I went on to do sales as a mortgage specialist. My expertise as a former

mortgage specialist for one of the top banks gives me a higher level of knowledge to

advise my clients on the process of buying and selling real estate. There are financing

options I am experienced in that most real estate agents have no knowledge of. I shifted

my career from the mortgage business into real estate because of the opportunity to

work for 1 800 CashOut Realty.


It is critically important as a real estate agent to be able to manage the

expectations of the clients. With my complete understanding of the mortgage industry

I am able to help my clients from the beginning of the transaction to the closing. The

Real Estate industry is constantly changing the guidelines and regulations. I make it my

business to keep up with the newest laws and rule changes that may affect my buyers

and sellers of homes.




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Our Home Sellers Programs


1-800-Cash-Out Realty currently offers 2 special programs for our sellers

in addition to our standard seller contracts. The goal is to make sure that our clients

have as many options as possible to suit their individual needs. Let me outline the

programs so you are aware of your options:


1. Double Play Program: This program is for sellers who are selling their home

and are also going to be buying another home in New York on or around

when their property sells. Once you list your current home for sale with us

in this program you will receive a free 1-800-Cash-Out MasterCard with

$250.00 ready to spend. We will be offering the buyer of your property a Free

Homeowners warranty. There will be some unique strategies that we will

implement to ensure your home sells quickly and at the highest price that the

market will pay. In addition to those benefits, when you purchase your new

home with 1-800-Cash-Out Realty we will give you 50% of our commission

at the time of closing on your purchase! That means that when you buy your

new home we will be giving you thousands of dollars at the closing from our

commission that is paid by the seller!


2. Short Sale Quick Sale Program: This program is for short sale listings only. A

short sale is defined as the sale of a home when sales proceeds do not fully

pay off the existing loans and the lender accepts a discounted payoff to fully

satisfy the loan. The best part is the existing lender pays virtually all sales

costs, including commissions, escrow and title fees and repair costs. You get

your home sold and avoid foreclosure.

With this program we will process and negotiate the short sale with you

lender free of charge (usually a $2,000 - $4,000 fee from most companies).

We will also give you a free Lien and Judgment search on the property

to ensure there are no issues when you go to closing on the sale. You

will receive a free 1-800-Cash-Out MasterCard with $500.00 loaded on

it and ready to spend once we receive everything we need to negotiate

your short sale! This is a pre-loaded debit card not a credit card so the

money doesn’t have to be paid back at all. Once the home is sold we will

relocate you into a rental if you would like and we will waive our realtor

commission on that transaction.


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