Tim Marose, Maryland Buyer & Refinance Specialist (Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.)

Gaithersburg , md 20882

I have been providing exceptional service to Maryland residents for the last 10 years. I work to provide a level of service that makes both clients and referrals say "WOW".

Get to know Tim Marose

My name is Tim Marose and I have been helping customers achieve their financial dreams for the last 10 years.   I am the Branch Manager of Primary Residential Lending in Gaithersburg, MD.    In the past decade, I have been comitted to educating my clients about mortgage programs and options.   I have worked with customers in all types of credit situations, and truly love what I do!

I feel that each and every transaction is unique, and I spend the time to connect with my customers.    With stricter lending requirements,  a decrease in home values, and the elimination of many programs, now more than ever it is more important to find the positive characteristics of each individual borrower.   This is key for product placement.

As a direct lender and correspondent lender, I have access to hundreds of different programs and products, and underwrite my loans locally.    I have developed many relationships by asking for "tough loans" from my realtors and referrals.   This has allowed me to provide loan products for clients that have been turned down by other financial institutions.   I use this opportunity to help educate my clients about the options available.  Often times, I work with clients to improve their credit to allow for a purchase or refinance in the very near future.   Many credit issues are easily repaired and often overlooked.   I truly exhaust every option in order to find a loan.

I am a proud member of Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers and am dedicated to providing solid financial advice to each customer.    I manage of team of 8 highly successful loan officers and look forward to working with you.



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As a direct lender with PRMI and a correspondent lender with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Sun Trust, Franklin American just to name a few), I have access to every program imaginable.   I work with conventional fixed, arms, interest only, FHA, VA, reverse, jumbo, 40 year, and no-point and fee purchases and refinances.   I have spent the last several years helping FHA buyers and homeowners.   With an opportunity to buy a home with as little as 3.5% down, this program has helped many first time home buyers realize their home ownership dream.

I also specialize in debt consolidation and credit improvement.    By understanding how the credit bureuas score potential borrowers, I help many improve their credit scores in order to qualify for better rates and programs.   I have the ability to do this in as little as three days which help all parties involved from the buyer to the realtor.