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Get to Know Toby Riley

My Daughter is the wind behind my sails.  She definately keeps me motivated.  As for everything else about me, just keep reading.

I have recently received national certification from the CMPS Institue as a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist.  I provide my clients a network of financial professionals including Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Estate Planners, Financial Advisors.  I try to be the finacial hub for my client's financial picture.  I have received certifications in the following areas: Construction Lending, ITIN (undocumented resident taxpayer program), FHA 203K Rehab loans and Washtenaw Housing Education Partners (W.H.E.P) Certified.

I got into the mortgage business after I purchased my first home.  I had such a bad experience.  I told myself that there had to be a better way to this.  I am now in my fifth year in the business.  My ethics sometimes get in the way of me doing business.  I simply will not do business that falls in the "gray" area.  Meaning if a deal walks like a duck and talks like a duck...  I know the rules and I follow them to the letter.  I expect my clients and Associates to also follow those rules.  My reputation and career are not worth doing the wrong thing.  That doesn't mean that I can't get the hard deals done.  It just means I won't "get around" the system.

For Realtors I provide the following:

Lost contact capture system - Most Realtors can effictively work with no more than 10 qualified buyers.  Let me show you how I can help you work with 100-200 qualified buyersHUD-1 reviews for loans that close with other lendersMy commitment to the team atmosphere

My areas of expertiese include: mortgage planning and real estate investment strategy, non-prime, FHA 203K rehab loans.


My Certified Mortgage Planner business provides my clients a network of financial professionals to help acheive overall financial goals - not just a new home loan.