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Helping people to learn how to invest and buy real estate in Mexico.  Read great tips, advise and experiences from some of Mexico´s TOP REALTORS at their main MEXICO REAL ESTATE BLOG.  I am Thomas Lloyd, an active broker and member of the AMPI realtor organization of Mexico.  I am also founder and president of ( We are currently working and living in the Riviera Maya zone helping other brokers and agents from Mexico be recognized.    

I have had 15 years experience of working and living in Mexico, there are many subjects that my team and I can help answer in regards to everyday living, working, obtaining permits, setting up a corporation, and of course in Real Estate.  If you want to learn more on retiring or moving to Mexico visit our main blog page: .  If you want to browse around to see some great properties and dream of buying some Mexico Oceanfront properties, visit various listings at


We are sponges for information.  Especially in the Mexico Real Estate areas. Some people call us nerds.  I like to think of us as the  "GO TO" people with answers or at least we know where to get the answers if we don´t know off hand. 

Although very recently, (Fall of 2008) Mexico DOES have professional licenses and degrees for Realtors practicing within this industry.  I`m happy to share that I was part of the first generation of realtors in Mexico to participate and obtain this nationwide regulated exam and process. 





 I am also certified for activities in Mexico Real Estate.  This test was applied by another national organization called CONOCER. 









Also several diplomas in Real Estate themes and subjects have been collected which I will only post one due to the limited space.  You are welcome to view more credentials and testimonials at this site:  FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT US









 Which has allowed us to work on the FUN activities....which is helping people buy properties like these.



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and  How to Invest into the Mexico Real Estate Market


Thomas Lloyd is a Certified Mexico real estate broker/agent practicing in Mexico. Purdue U. Graduate Living 15 years in Mexico sharing tips and knowledge on how to buy properties safetly and how to re